Aquarium Depot Introduces New Line of Saltwater Aquarium Clean-Up Crews

Aquarium Depot’s line of saltwater reef tank “clean-it-up crews” is the latest line from the company’s expansion efforts. Available to consumers through their online retail platform, the “clean-it-up” crews are designed to suit the needs of a wide range of saltwater aquariums.

Known throughout aquarium enthusiast circles as the leading authority on saltwater reef tank “clean-it-up crews,” Aquarium Depot is announcing an entirely new line of cleanup crews to be added to the offerings currently available through its comprehensive online retail platform. These cleanup crews are available in various groupings and are designed to suit the diverse needs of tanks across a wide range of potential sizes and layouts, the new “clean-it-up crews” also focus on specific tasks tank owners often find difficult to address themselves.

Included among the new “clean-it-up crews” are several options featuring a variety of different snails capable of addressing the undesirable growth of algae common in many saltwater reef aquariums. Each crew is assembled based on the size of the tank as well as its individual focus, and the crews typically feature an assortment of cerith, astrea, nerite, and nassarius snails, with certain crews also including hermit crabs as well as copepods and amphipods. “The buildup of excessive algae is one of the most common and frustrating issues an saltwater tank enthusiast will encounter,” explained Nick Alsis in a recent review. “We offer cleanup crews as a simple and time-conserving solution that also makes a positive contribution to the tank’s overall biodiversity. With the addition of these new clean-it-up crews, we are confident that our clients will experience a positive outcome that allows them to enjoy the beauty of their tank even more.”

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