Appliance Gurus Sucessfully Completed Beta Test During Winter Storm in Oregon

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Appliance Gurus sucessfully beta tested its Remote Diagnosis Platform for appliance repair to over 200 customers after the Winter Storm ended in Oregon - Its Certified Technicians diagnosed the problem by remote video communication when roads were impassable.

February 21, 2022, Portland, Oregon. During the sudden Winter storm that hit most of Oregon, Appliance Gurus (company) was able to pivot dozens of customers to the company’s Remote Diagnosis Platform (RDP) in order to at least get a diagnosis completed on their broken appliance, and prep the customer for repair, including the ordering of any parts needed. Harsh Winter weather with freezing temperatures, snow, freezing rain, and ice made it very difficult to send out Certified Technicians to customers’ homes. The team at Appliance Gurus educated many of the customers that called in that they could still receive an accurate diagnosis of their appliance issue, AND save 50% in the process.

Appliance Gurus‘ service was delivered to customers over their Remote Diagnosis Platform by utilizing pre-scheduled video conference calls, where a Certified Technician remotely inspects the non-working appliance with the customer using their mobile device, either a tablet or cell phone, on the opposite end. Since the ‘soft launch’ of this platform in June 2021, the company has served over 200 customers, who were very satisfied with their experience citing “convenience” “speed” and “cost savings” as the three main value propositions. By having this service available for their customers, Appliance Gurus was able to prevent a severe bottle neck and delays for customers once the Winter weather cleared up.

Scott Sandie, the Co-founder of Appliance Gurus commented, “Innovation is usually not the first thing one thinks of when it comes to a staid industry such as appliance repair services, and this is why opportunities to make improvements in this business are not obvious. You literally have to look at the industry from a new, customer-centric perspective. This is where KJ Page and I started looking at several new business models and decided that we could ‘marry’ some new technology with old fashioned customer service; similar to what Teledoc did for the healthcare industry. Six months later, we were on our way to building the Remote Diagnosis Platform for, which has been operating in beta since late May 2021.”

“Early feedback from customers during the beta phase has been very positive thus far and we seek to continually improve both our RDP service and further integrate this virtual delivery platform into our operating processes,” stated Scott Sandie.

About Appliance Gurus

Appliance Gurus (AG), is a Division of WorksAgain Appliance Repair, provides remote diagnostic services and functions similar to Teledoc for the healthcare industry. AG is able to serve its customers needing to start the appliance repair process with a Remote Diagnosis Platform, delivered over a video call platform with the guidance of a Certified Appliance Repair technician. This allows customers to get their appliance problem diagnosed quickly, conveniently, and at a 50% cost savings over that of sending a truck out to their location to do essentially the same thing.

About WorksAgain

WorksAgain is a leading appliance repair and service company that is owned and operated by a team of professionals including a U.S. Navy Veteran. It serves about a 100 mile radius of customers originating from the Portland Metro Region, throughout Western Oregon. The company’s retail field service division is called WorksAgain and operates under this brand. At the beginning of 2021, the company developed the Remote Diagnosis Platform under the brand, Appliance Gurus. This Division provides remote diagnosis and repair services via a proprietary online interface where customers are expertly guided by a Certified Appliance Technician while diagnosing the problem with a non-working appliance. Lastly, the company’s wholesale or B2B division is called Reliable Appliance Repair, and outsources both Factory Warrantied and Off Warranty repair services to leading appliance retailers that do not have their own appliance repair department. The company’s service technicians are all required to take continuous training and education, and remain certified for factory warranty repairs annually. WorksAgain is fully licensed, and complies with all government regulations regarding the disposal of hazardous materials. The company’s team members have passed rigorous background checks to ensure customers are treated with the highest level of professionalism and safety.

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