Apple Watch Stand by LXORY Goes on Sale Monday, June 29nth, Offering Huge Discount

LXORY announced the availability of their new Apple Watch Accessory Alpha-S Aluminum Apple Watch Stand beginning Monday, June 29nth.

Customers looking for the latest Apple Watch Accessory can purchase the Alpha-S Aluminum Apple Watch Stand by LXORY for a 50% discounted price on Monday. The detailed product description and Promo Code can be found here:

A precious timepiece like the Apple Watch needs an appropriate stand to be kept and charged. The LXORY Alpha-S stand is designed to serve that purpose. Its elegant design – inspired by the letter ‘a’ which occurs to be the perfect shape for the purpose – reflects the idea of simplicity and ease of use in LXORY products.

John Dewan, Sales Manager of LXORY, when asked about Alpha-S Aluminum Apple Watch Stand said:

“Premium Aluminum was selected for the Alpha-S due of its environmental friendly, low maintenance and esthetic qualities. The circular cut-out holds the charger perfectly in place and at the right distance to your watch, also providing an outlet for the charger cable.

The white silicone padding on top and bottom of the stand will keep your watch and table top scratch-free. The stand is carefully designed to provide maximum stability without taking up much space on your table. The last thing you want to happen is your stand with your watch on it falling over and damaging the watch. For this to happen with the Alpha-S is close to impossible.

The slanting angle of 25° keeps your watch at a comfortable viewing angle when charging on the stand, which can be used to hold a mobile phone as well.

We decided to offer our new customers a warm welcome gift in the form of a 50% discount, which we obviously can offer only for a very limited time. The discount code is now available on our website. First come first serve!”

Those interested in learning more about the company can do so on the company website at Those interested in making use of the 50% discount can go directly to the product listing here:

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