Apple Valley CA Solar Power Installation – Utility Energy Alternatives Launched

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Apple Valley, California-based solar panel system professionals Option One Solar announced an updated range of installation services for residential and commercial customers across Southern California.

Option One Solar, a solar power system company based in Apple Valley, California, has announced new updates to its range of commercial and residential solar installations.

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The newly updated services ensure that the Apple Valley solar experts continue to serve residents and business owners throughout Southern California with professional solar panel system installations.

Option One Solar representatives explain that solar power frees users from having to cope with the constantly increasing rates of utility companies. Reports demonstrate that the rising costs of residential electricity over the past decade show no signs of slowing down. As an alternative, the solar industry offers users the opportunity to generate power at a fixed rate.

Residential and commercial customers alike can benefit from Option One Solar’s comprehensive range of installation types, such as ground-mounted systems. The company states that when operated alongside its industry-grade bifacial panels, the energy output of ground-mounted systems can improve by as much as 30%.

Further services include flat roof installations as well as carport, pitched roof, and ballasted tilt installations. Each is suited to accommodate different types of roofs while utilizing varying amounts of space, as per customer requirements. Option One Solar professionals are equipped to advise customers regarding optimal installations that meet their unique residential or commercial needs.

In support of home and business owners who are thinking of switching to solar power, the company emphasizes that an accurately installed system can grant users electrical independence for years to come. Through net energy metering, homeowners can reach an agreement with their utility company to track and store excess electricity to use later in exchange for accrued credits.

“KC was very helpful describing the pros and cons of a roof versus a ground-mount system,” said one satisfied recent customer. “He answered most of my questions immediately, and when something came up that he couldn’t answer, he did the research and got back to me promptly. Off-grid versus on and battery backup alternatives were all issues he helped me with.”

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