Apple Valley CA Solar Energy Time-Of-Use Rate Plan – Off-Peak Hours Guide Launch

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Option One Solar has launched a new guide on time-of-use rate plans and how solar panel users can benefit from net energy metering. The goal is to inform Apple Valley, CA residents about the advantages of the TOU rate plans.

Option One Solar, an Apple Valley-based solar company, has launched a new guide that explains the time of use rate plans for solar panel shoppers in Southern California.

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As part of their mission, Option One Solar strives to consistently research the latest trends and technologies in the solar industry. With the recently launched guide, they seek to help customers take advantage of the time-of-use rate plans.

Their team can install solar panels for both commercial and residential properties, including ground-mounted, flat roof, pitched roof, and carport installation. Clients benefit from a 25-year warranty on performance, product, and labor.

The company also provides a library of resources about solar energy to educate prospective and existing clients of its advantages. In their guide, they explain the time-of-use rate plans as a billing method used by utility companies. TOU plans charge according to what time of the day energy is used, with the highest rates for peak times (on hours during which the grid is heavily taxed).

Homeowners who generate their own energy are either compensated at these rates for production sent to the grid or charged for consumption. Under the new TOU billing method, solar panel owners will be charged for when they are using energy as opposed to how much energy they are using.

Time of use pricing was developed to encourage the most efficient use of the system and reduce costs for both solar panel owners and utility companies. By shifting energy usage from peak hours to off-peak hours, homeowners can save on their energy bills when they switch to the TOU rate plan. Running large appliances at off-peak hours is one way to take advantage of this pricing model.

A spokesperson for the company stated, “Investing in solar energy saves and earns you money, provides a reliable energy source, and empowers energy independence and environmental stewardship.”

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