Apothecary Extracts Readies New Supplies of Industry-Leading Tea Tree Oil for Amazon

Company thanks customers for support and promises that its 100% pure, undiluted product will soon again be available from its exclusive source at Amazon, Apothecary Extracts reports

Apothecary Extracts, one of the world's leading suppliers of 100% pure, pharmaceutical-grade tea tree oil, announced that the company is preparing new shipments of its industry-leading product for distribution through its exclusive Amazon.com storefront. With Apothecary Extracts' tea tree oil remaining by far the highest-rated item of its kind on Amazon, demand for the product has been exceptionally high in recent months. Apothecary Extracts assures the company's valued customers that the product will be back in stock soon, and thanks them for their enthusiasm and dedication.

"With myriad uses, tea tree oil is one of the most impressive substances found in nature," Apothecary Extracts representative Anthony Codispoti said, "We're thrilled to be recognized as the leading supplier of tested, 100% pure, undiluted, pharmaceutical-grade tea tree oil, and humbled by the incredible response we have received at the Apothecary Extracts Amazon Page. We want to inform our highly valued customers that the product will be back in stock very soon and thank them for their patience."

Enterprising eighteenth-century sailors in the South Pacific discovered that some members of a particular genus of trees could be used to make a brewed beverage that resembled the tea they often pined for and went without. While that usage mostly fell out of favor when the real thing once again became available, interest in the trees of the genus Melaleuca eventually rose again for entirely different reasons.

Following up on claims made by a number of aboriginal peoples in Australia, researchers established that concentrated oils derived from the trees had some impressive powers to fight fungus and bacteria. Specific studies conducted since that initial wave of research have found that tea tree oils can be nearly as effective at countering acne, for example, as the chemical benzoyl peroxide, while being much milder and less likely to cause undesirable side effects. Likewise has the substance been identified as an effective treatment for the fungal syndrome known as athlete's foot, while once again being gentler than the usual options.

In fact, many claim that the substance has a wide range of other uses, from serving as a natural, microbe-fighting household cleanser to curing other common ailments. With so many attractive uses, the substance has aroused great interest in recent years among those interested in natural alternatives to conventional medicine. Unfortunately, procuring pure, unadulterated tea tree oil has often been difficult, leaving many to wonder if they would ever find a reliable, satisfying source.

Apothecary Extracts was founded to provide positive answers to this question and others. With a firm commitment to supplying pure, undiluted tea tree oil and other extracts, the company supports this promise with testing results, available at ApothecaryExtracts.com, that prove that its products are the purest available.

That has made Apothecary Extracts' tea tree oil the top product of its kind at Amazon.com, where it maintains a rating of nearly 5 stars even after over 900 reviews. Customers who buy the company's 100% pure, undiluted oil there receive a free e-book detailing 50 uses for the product along with a 100% money-back guarantee. With new stocks of Apothecary Extracts tee tree oil now on their way to Amazon, buyers will soon once again be able to enjoy the best, highest-quality product of this kind.

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