ApartmentLove.com & RentMoola Sign Global Partnership Agreement

ApartmentLove.com, North America’s leading apartment finder website has partnered with online payments leader RentMoola to expand the reach and capacity of both Companies. Already advertising 675,000 active apartment rentals from coast to coast, property managers will be able to register for RentMoola via ApartmentLove.com.

ApartmentLove.com, one of the largest apartment rental websites in the world, is pleased to announce it has signed a worldwide partnership agreement with RentMoola. Based in Vancouver, BC, RentMoola is one of North America’s leading fintech companies and a driving force behind the growth and adoption of online rent payments in Canada, the United States and the UK.

“The emotional connections ApartmentLove.com makes with landlords and tenants resonates with the type and kind of engagement RentMoola is known for.”

– Philipp Postrehovsky, Co-Founder & COO of RentMoola

This partnership will allow large-scale apartment owners and operators to register for RentMoola services by way of ApartmentLove.com. Once registered, landlords will be able to offer RentMoola online rental payment options to their tenants. Tenants will no longer be required to issue paper checks, rather they will be able to pay their rent with their debit and credit cards as well as through RentMoola’s RM eCheck and RM Cash payment options earning rewards points from their card issuers. In addition, tenants will get access RentMoola’s MoolaPerks program. Just by signing up, tenants instantly gain access to hundreds of deals on travel, shopping, home service providers and more, all while earning extra points by paying rent with their favorite rewards credit card. Having motivated tenants to pay their rents on-time and in full, property managers collect rents as budgeted allowing them to better manage their rental portfolio.

“Partnerships, such as the one we’ve signed with RentMoola, are the driving force behind ApartmentLove.com. Having amassed one of the largest inventories of apartments for rent in the world, we can again focus on improving the rental experience with natural partnerships that move ApartmentLove.com and the entire rental industry forward as a more credible and trustworthy space,” explained Trevor Davidson – President & CEO of ApartmentLove.com.

RentMoola, one of North America’s leading fintech companies, is changing the rental landscape by digitizing the archaic process of writing paper rent checks. “The RentMoola platform provides tenants with many unique payment options coupled with exciting rewards and discounts from their favorite retailers from coast to coast,” says Philipp Postrehovsky – Co-Founder & COO of RentMoola. He added, “The emotional connections ApartmentLove.com makes with property managers and tenants resonates with the type and kind of engagement RentMoola is known for.”

Now in development, integrating the ApartmentLove.com and RentMoola systems together large-scale apartment owners and operators will be able to register for RentMoola services, via ApartmentLove.com, early in the New Year.

In the meantime:

Learn more about ApartmentLove.com, including how to advertise your rental listings to prospective tenants from around the world, by visiting: https://apartmentlove.com/.

Learn more about RentMoola and their unique tenant engagement tools, and their rapid growth and expansion, by visiting: https://rentmoola.com/.

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