Antioch TN Asphalt Pothole Repair – Road Pothole Patching Services Launched

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Gaddes Strategic LLC (615-866-2795), a team of concrete and asphalt contractors serving Antioch, Tennessee, has updated its range of services to offer pothole repairs and asphalt sealcoating.

The company’s newly updated services are designed to prevent and remedy damage to asphalt caused by low temperatures and harsh weather. Their experts can perform their work for locations, including schools, places of worship, hospitals, residential homes, and property and facility managers in Antioch and its surrounding areas.

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Gaddes Strategic’s services include hot asphalt patching for pothole reparation and asphalt sealcoating for complete ground protection in driveways and parking lots. These solutions are crucial for ensuring HOA and ADA compliance codes are being properly followed.

Potholes can pose a much more significant threat than simply swerving or puncturing a vehicle’s wheels. Encountering a deep pothole can cause external damage to the exhaust and engine, which puts the individuals in the vehicle in danger of inhaling poisonous carbon monoxide and suffocating. Because of this, it is crucial to get any potholes taken care of immediately in order to prevent accidents and potential fatalities.

Their hot asphalt patching service involves the insertion of heated asphalt into the pothole. Their experienced team will then level off the excess to ensure the ground is consistent and safe for drivers. Even though the asphalt is burning hot when poured into the hole, it cools down rapidly so cars can drive over it with no problem after just a few hours.

The client can also opt for their vital asphalt sealcoating service to protect the ground from damage. This is accomplished by using a liquid bond coat and liquid topcoat to maintain its condition and prevent cracks, water absorption, and temperature damage. Additionally, it makes the asphalt simpler to clean and blocks out oil and fuel leaks.

The professionals at Gaddes Strategic have years of experience and are dedicated to providing high-quality services to ensure complete client satisfaction. They serve other locations, including Bellevue and Brentwood and also offer thermoplastic pavement markings.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We are a few guys who’ve grown up in and offer more than 60 years of experience in concrete, asphalt, and dump trucking. We differentiate ourselves by being responsive and flexible while focusing mostly on small nuisance jobs that many larger contractors have a hard time getting to.”

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