Anti-EMF Radiation Defense Jewelry – Gold/Silver Pendant Collection Updated

Your EMF Shield announces that its entire collection of defense pendants has been newly updated to include three more styles: rose gold, silver, or gold-tone. Each pendant comes in a gift box with a certificate of authenticity and its own ID number.

According to the World Health Organization, over-exposure to high electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) can increase the likelihood of several life-threatening conditions, not least of which is cancer. To help more families protect themselves, especially during these times when more people are staying at home, Your EMF Shield launches its newest line of defense pendants.

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The new collection takes into consideration the millions of Americans that are exposed to high EMFs due to their electrical appliances at home. Experts observe that improperly grounded equipment, such as microwaves and refrigerators, can send out streams of invisible energy waves that slowly enter the body and kill off healthy cells. Worse, EMFs can also radiate from other appliances such as cellphones and WiFi routers.

To protect families, Your EMF Shield has created its defense pendant: a wearable necklace infused with about 10,000 ccs of negative ions from black tourmaline and 36 other kinds of minerals. Worn consistently, the pendant deflects excessive amounts of EMF and shields the user from the potential health effects.

The updated collection now comes in three fashionable colors: rose gold, silver, or gold-tone. Regardless, each pendant comes with a certificate of authenticity and its own ID number. Clients are assured that their anti-EMF jewelry is completely legitimate and authentic.

A single pendant usually costs around $200; however, in celebration of its updated collection, a more than 50% discount will be applied to the price. Customers can now purchase their EMF defense pendant for only $99 with no-cost shipping for the United States.

The EMF pendant comes in two sizes, 29 MM, which is roughly the size of a small coin, and 35 mm.

A happy customer wrote, “I have struggled with my health and energy for years. I felt inspired to try the defense pendant. The second I put the pendant on I felt a huge shift in my energy! I feel more energetic, I can think clearly and my body can actually utilize water and stay hydrated.”

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