Anti Colic Baby Bottles Realistic Silicone Nipple For Breastfed Babies Announced

Awaken Baby Products has announced a NUK Disney Baby Bottle combining a fun Disney design with a realistic ‘perfect fit’ nipple including an anti-colic and gas system to ensure the most authentic, comfortable, safe and fun feeding experience for both the baby and the parents.

The popular Awaken Baby Products has announced a premier baby feeding bottle with a fun Disney design and a thoughtfully developed silicone nipple with a realistic shape and an anti-colic air system ideal for a natural, safe and comfortable nursing routine.

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The Awaken Baby Products is a highly popular online store developed by the renowned child and adult personal development educator Sylvie Drapeu to provide parents with a selection of the best baby products in the market, from leading nursery and feeding accessories or potty training aids to fun and educational toys to stimulate learning and proper development.

The baby products store has announced the NUK 62049 Disney Baby Bottle combining a fun and engaging Mickey Mouse design with a unique ‘perfect fit’ silicone nipple which mimics natural breastfeeding and encourages proper tongue and jaw positioning, available in two different sizes and three flow rates to support and accompany the baby’s growth.

The easy to use, clean and assemble 10oz baby bottles also feature an original and highly effective anti-colic air system to help reduce colic, gas or spit-up and a comfortable soft zone with a satiny finish which conforms to the baby’s palate along with a leak-proof sealing hood to guarantee an authentic, convenient, safe and comfortable feeding experience for both the parents and the baby.

More information on the NUK 62049 Disney Baby Bottle including a review by the Awaken Baby Products team along with details on the highly popular range of educational, fun and stimulating toys, play mats & gyms, feeding and nursery accessories or potty training aids and fun and comfortable baby clothing, can be consulted on the website link provided above.

The Awaken Baby Products founder, Sylvie Drapeu, explains that “there are some babies who are very particular about the kind of bottle that they will use and the NUK Disney Baby Bottle offers a nipple designed for those babies who are looking for something that feels natural. It also has a fun and adorable look to it which will bring a smile to the baby’s face and make the parents happy they can enjoy seeing something other than a plain and boring bottle”.

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