Anti Breakage Colored Pencils Pre Sharpened Art Drawing & Coloring Set Launched

The renowned Colore Art announced the launch of its premium, pre-sharpened colored pencils set with 72 different colors organized in a compact metal tin case, ideal to help artists, students, kids or casual coloring, drawing, sketching fans get the most pristine, precise results without breakages.

The popular arts & crafts store Colore Art announced the launch of its premium and pre-sharpened colored pencils set with 72 vibrant colors ideal for artists, art enthusiasts and office use or even as school supplies.

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Colore Art is a renowned online arts & crafts store committed to providing the finest quality of art supplies, from liquid chalk markers to drawing pencils or paint brushes, and support professional and aspiring artists or teachers and students in their quest to create the most beautiful artwork.

The popular arts & crafts store has now announced the launch of a premium colored pencil set with high quality, pre-sharpened pencils in 72 vibrant colors, including skin tones, bright, neon, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, black, and more, organized in a compact metal tin case for easy storage anywhere from a kids backpack to an art studio.

The colored pencils are uniquely designed and manufactured to provide professional and aspiring artists, students, kids or even causal coloring book fans the most reliable, precise and pristine coloring, drawing, sketching, lawyering or blending experience with its smooth texture and creamy leads or high quality, durable wood which makes them resistant to breakages.

More information on the Colore colored pencils set crafted with artists or art students and casual drawing or coloring fans of any age in mind and its 72 different colors, its unique design guaranteeing the most high quality results and its affordable pricing or compact metal tin case along with details on Colore Art’s full arts & crafts collection can be consulted through the website link provided above or at

The Colore Art explains that “our colored pencils are designed to handle both professional art expressions and beginner artwork. They are made from high quality wood to prevent breakages and feature hard & thin leads which will help make drawn edges cleaner, outlines bolder and lettering much more pristine. Each pencil sharpens to a fine and well-rounded point to help bring out the most delicate details on paper. It’s also a perfect gift for kids who love their superhero coloring books or simply just sketching and drawing on their sketch pad and paper.”

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