Anti Bark Collars Are Safe for Dogs

Anti-bark collars are proven and testified to be effective, safe, and pet-friendly.

There are some dogs who would really bark nonstop, for whatever reasons, to the point that it is already disturbing. In training dogs to get rid of nuisance barking, some dog owners have turned to technology devices for help. Some responsible dog owners, especially those who are busy and have not much time for training their dogs, have been using anti-bark collars to diminish excessive barking.

Anti-bark collar is a modern technology that is designed to make training dogs easy, by helping provide consistency in curbing unwanted, nuisance, and excessive barking. These anti-bark collars are not intended to harm dogs, but to correct undesirable behavior. They are primarily designed to have dogs associate and classically condition the unwanted and excessive barking with the uncomfortable stimulus, and then eventually to stop doing it until there is no need of the stimulus as a reminder. There are different types for several breeds and sizes. There are also several types of correction methods which include a beep, a vibration, an ultrasonic, and a static shock.

With these types of correction method come dog owners asking the important question: “Are these anti-bark collars safe for dogs?” Despite its widespread use, the use of anti-bark collars stimulates a bit of questioning its safety. As responsible pet owners, it is vital to look into the pros and cons of the device before purchasing.

Some organizations do not support the use of the device, in their belief that they inflict pain and are not always effective. However, there are also sufficient evidences and testimonials in support of the effectiveness and safety of the anti-bark collars.

Manufacturers of this device claim that they are safe and do not inflict lasting physical harm to dogs. The vibration, ultrasonic, and static shocks are all well-researched and tested to make sure that they are delivered at a minimal level and are fairly enough to just grab the dogs’ attention and deter the unwanted barking.

Our K9 offers a variety of correction methods, different levels of strength of stimulus, and even adjustable and control features that can be chosen from, that would best suit a specific dog – whether for a small or a big breed, whether with a short or a long fur, and whichever temperament they may have. To further ensure safety, responsible dog owners must also keep in mind the individuality of the dog – its breed, size, and temperament. It is crucial to make sure that the collar worn is at the right size and comfortable. Each dog is unique and thus behaves and responds to the environment and stimuli differently.

Our K9 also ensures further safety by providing two (2) warning beeps before sending out the third beep with a disturbing stimulus, may it be vibration, sonic, or shock in mild levels. It also offers flexibility with an adjustable bark collar with remote, giving dog owners options to change correction methods. Responsible dog owners can have a combination of correction methods – such as beep and vibration + beep and static shock – and can select which to activate during certain situations and times of the day. With this bark collar with remote comes flexibility; dog owners can revert back to the device to just vibration at night or when they are away, in order to have a peace of mind or a good night sleep, without worrying much about the safety of the dogs.

Anti-bark collars are proven and testified to be effective, safe, and pet-friendly. The stimuli sent out are made sure to be kept in mild level, not giving lasting physical harm to dogs. In addition, with the feature choices to choose from to customize an anti-bark collar, dog owners are guaranteed that they have the right and safest anti-bark collar for their dogs.

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