Anti-Aging Superfoods and Supplements Celebrities Swear By

People everywhere want to know if claims about anti-aging with "superfoods" and supplements are effective, or if going under the knife is the only way to regain a youthful appearance. Here is what Hollywood's hottest celebrities are doing.

Salt Lake City, United States – September 27th, 2014 /PressCable/

Thoughts of wanting to look younger are usually met with considerations of expensive and dangerous plastic surgery, however the latest evidence is is demonstrating how to reverse the aging process and look 5, 10, or 15 years younger with superfoods, supplements and other natural methods.

The real question on everyone's mind, however, is if it actually works. People want to know if it is really possible to get glowing, tighter, more youthful skin – through ‘natural' methods. If so, that would be a dream come true.

Fortunately, science has proven it's no dream. In fact, there are “many simple things people can do on their own, that will make a drastic difference”, says author of Cambert Publishing's new book ‘Young & Beautiful'. Eating a specific anti-aging diet is a key role in staying healthy and youthful. Wrinkles and other age related skincare issues occur from the inside, and no amount of lotions or creams can fix what's been damaged inside the body.

Every day, people are either doing things that damage the body, causing it to age faster, or they are building and repair it. Guess who ends up looking younger? The author states, “What you put into, and even onto your body every day determines the rate at which you age. I'm not just talking about food. People are putting lotion on their skin to moisturize it and look younger, not realizing it contains ingredients that are actually causing them to age faster!” Several common household items, such as lotions, bleach and even some sunblock products have pro-aging and disease causing ingredients in them.

Going back to diet, as an example, there is a process called glycation, which is one of the biggest factors causing premature aging and disease. It occurs when sugar reacts with protein in the blood, and forms something called Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs for short). It is similar to what happens to a piece of meat when it cooks; the way it hardens and browns on the outside, this is exactly what's happening to the body as a result of glycation. Glycation literally ‘hardens' tissues in the body.

However, anti-aging foods and supplements do exist, and can combat these effects. Many foods and herbs have nutrients that fight the formation of AGEs. One from the list is Cinnamon. It fights the formation of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-products) because it contains flavonoids. Flavonoids are reported to be anti-inflammatory, antitumor, antiviral and antioxidant. Inflammation creates free radicals that destroy the body, so anything anti-inflammatory will be helpful.

One of Gwyneth Paltrow's natural techniques is oil-pulling (rinsing the mouth with coconut oil for 20 minutes), while Jennifer Aniston begins her day with a bowl of muesli and blackberries, followed by a rhubarb and guava smoothie.

The bottom line is, with the right knowledge, surgery is not necessary to tighten skin, smooth wrinkles, or get back that youthful glow. There are plenty of natural options that make a huge difference. Educating oneself on the topic is crucial, to avoid making age-accelerating mistakes.

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