Anthony Aires 2016 Increase Brand Awareness Video Spinn Special Deal Launched

Anthony Aires has announced the launch of Video Spinn Special Deal, allowing business owners to harness the power of video marketing with ease. The desktop program automates the video creation process to make it as easy as possible to improve brand recognition.

A new video marketing product has launched that completely automates the video creation process and allows individuals and business owners to capitalize on the power of YouTube and other social sharing platforms by publishing effective and powerful videos in their market. Called Video Spinn Special Deal, it was created by Anthony Aires to help streamline the video marketing process and help more people to improve their business online.

More information on the product can be found at:

The site explains that video is the future of content marketing, with 69% of all consumer internet traffic accounted for by 2017 and video on demand trebling in that time. It has become the fastest, easiest, most informative way for web browsers to digest information, and because of this it’s important for business owners to capitalize on the booming market.

The Video Spinn app by Anthony Aires was designed to help ease business owners into this market by helping them to establish more leads, improve their brand awareness and increase their SEO through the use of easy to make videos. Video Spinn automates the video creation process through desktop based software, so there is no recurring charge and it works on both PC and Mac.

The site underscores that it is ideal for those without video creating expertise, because it makes it easy for anyone to get started on the video creation and editing process. Even experienced video artists will appreciate how Video Spinn makes creating videos so easy.

Videos created using the product can be tailored to any business niche, helping to promote special offers, new products, service expansions and websites in general. They can be easily uploaded, embedded, shared and liked for integration into sharing sites like YouTube, Daily Motion, and Twitter.

This sharing process can help generate more traffic through backlinks and authority presence on key industry websites, and help businesses reach out to massive international markets through the power of social networking.

Video formats supported include MP4, MPG, AVI, Mov, FLV and WMV files, and there is a watermark feature enabled for those who wish to use it. Further details can be found at:

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