Anthem AZ Epigenetic Testing Hormonal Stress Deficiency Treatment Launched

Anthem, Arizona, holistic medical practice Get Well Scottsdale recently updated its range of in-home epigenetic testing solutions for patients in Anthem, Scottsdale, and the surrounding area.

Get Well Scottsdale, a medical practice in Anthem, Arizona, announced the launch of an updated range of epigenetic testing solutions for patients in Anthem, Scottsdale and surrounding areas. The medical team can help patients get to the root cause of their nutritional and hormonal deficiencies and treat them effectively through a new revolutionary epigenetic test.

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The newly launched epigenetic testing solutions at Get Well Scottsdale aims to provide patients with a non-invasive diagnostic analysis of their true underlying health issues.

A person’s genes determine who they are, including their risks for different diseases and their ability to absorb and process foods and their nutrients. Thus, through the science of epigenetics, one can learn how to utilize personalized medical solutions to optimize their health and well-being.

With the help of the epigenetic testing solutions at Get Well Scottsdale, patients can find out what diet is best for them, if they are predisposed to any diseases or conditions, what type of exercise their body responds best to, how to optimize their sleep cycles, and many more important insights.

Get Well Scottsdale offers patients in-home, no touch, turn-key epigenetic testing kits that help them discover how their environment is currently affecting their physiology and the unwanted symptoms their body may be experiencing right now.

This type of analysis is essential in determining an effective treatment for a wide range of negative unwanted symptoms, including fatigue, unexplained weight gain, anxiety, depression, mood swings, bone and muscle loss, brain fog and low libido.

With the recent announcement, the team at Get Well Scottsdale is dedicated to working closely with each patient and helping them to identify and address the components that are interfering with a healthy, active life.

A spokesperson for the practice said: “Our wellness treatments provided by your holistic practitioners are one-of-a-kind and tailored to each individual patient and their needs. We carefully discuss your individual circumstances, symptoms, and health history to determine the best course of action for you.”

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