Anthem AZ Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy For Fatigue/Low Energy – Services Launch

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Get Well Scottsdale has announced updates to its hormone therapy services in Anthem, Arizona. Therapy is available to all local residents suffering from imbalances.

Get Well Scottsdale, an optimal wellness clinic in Anthem, Arizona, announced that it has updated its hormone therapy services for patients feeling fatigued.

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The latest announcement aims to help residents in the local area find out why they’re feeling tired and make sure they get rid of these issues permanently.

Get Well Scottsdale offers a range of services for people wondering why they are feeling tired all the time. Patients can book a consultation to begin their bio-identical hormone therapy after practitioners carry out laboratory work. Once they have completed this, they will receive a detailed personalized treatment plan.

For most men and women, the clinic uses what it calls ‘Pellet Therapy’. Patients get bio-identical hormones easily implanted under the skin in the upper hip area which then take about five months to absorb. As their treatment progresses, dosages are adjusted for symptom relief and the clinic aims to have everyone achieve an optimal hormone balance to feel amazing again.

Get Well Scottsdale also provides other services such as personalized nutrition programs to optimize ones health and aging process. The clinic’s care in this area focuses on bio-identical testosterone replacement along with replenishing critical micro nutrients deficient in the typical American diet and lifestyle. With higher levels of testosterone, men and women can improve their overall feeling of satisfaction, along with reducing the risks of the diseases commonly associated with aging.

Hormone imbalances in the body can lead to various health complications. Weight gain is typical, while muscle weakness and aching are known to affect individuals. In more extreme cases, those without a hormone balance could suffer from difficulty concentrating and memory loss along with fatigue and low libido.

The announcement forms part of Get Well Scottsdale’s commitment to finding the root causes of symptoms and providing a personalized treatment plan to address all unwanted symptoms and conditions.

Get Well Scottsdale is based in Anthem, Arizona, with another location in North Scottsdale just over 30 minutes from downtown Phoenix. The clinic focuses on tailored programs to improve patients’ physical wellbeing. In addition to hormone therapy for men and women, the practice offers various other forms of help, such as ED and Lymphatic therapy. Patients can also get personalized nutrition plans.

A spokesperson said: “Hormone imbalances lead to a lower quality of life and, in serious cases, deteriorating health elsewhere. But while some may have lost hope, getting back to the right levels is possible. We’ve made it safe for them to do so with our tailored bio-identical hormone therapy, so they can stop asking: ‘Why am I so tired all the time?'”.

Readers interested in finding more about Get Well Scottsdale’s hormone therapy and hormone balance solutions can visit for more information.

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