Another Happy Client for Bright Vision Events

Bright Vision Events have been operating a specialist corporate event management service for over 25 years and have an excellent track record. Check out one of their latest offerings, the Labyrinth challenge, and just how well it went down with the client.

The bright vision team have done it again – yet another happy client as their latest team-building event goes swimmingly.

There really is no substitute for face-to-face interaction. This certainly goes for team-building events, especially for those companies where colleagues spend a lot of time alone or on the road. Such events are proving invaluable in the digital era, when so much of the time is spent communicating online or over the phone.

Bright Vision Events have been operating a specialist corporate event management service for over 25 years and as such are able to offer an exceptional range of knowledge and expertise to their clients.

With clients crossing a variety of professional services, from building companies to pharmaceuticals and food services, and companies from owner-managed SMEs to multinational corporations, there is no limit to what they can achieve. Bright Vision Events have built their brand on a reputation for skill and imagination and pride themselves in exceeding expectations wherever they go.

The Labyrinth challenge is a range of intellectual and physical challenges devised by Bright Vision to enable teams to get the very most from their team-building events. Similar to the famous Crystal Maze, team members must learn to work together in order to solve a variety of problems. Working with clients to establish each Labyrinth Event around the specific needs of the company, each one is different but always lots of fun.

On 18 January 2017, 45 members of staff from the ICS Cool Energy group took part in an indoor Labyrinth Challenge event at Ardencote Manor, Warwickshire. The day, a networking activity between company teams, could not have gone better.

The event was enjoyed by all delegates, with all deeming the day a fantastic success. The favourite challenge of the day involved building a contraption to launch a rubber duck into a pond, and it is sure to be a talking point among event attendees for many years to come! Team-building events are primarily used as a way to enhance interaction between employees – a goal which, according to the client, was well and truly achieved on this occasion.


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