Anonymous Land Trusts For Real Estate Investors Available Now

Leafy Legal Services announced the availability of their new Anonymous Land Trust service beginning now. More information can be found at

Customers looking for the latest Anonymous Land Trust service are now able to get involved with Leafy Legal Services.

The Anonymous Land Trust service is designed to appeal specifically to real estate investors and includes:

Anonymous Land Trust – This feature was included because Anonymous Land Trusts provide an extra blanket of security for investors and give them the extra asset protection that they need. This is great news for the consumer as asset protection makes sure that real estate investors get to keep what they work for. Anonymous Land Trusts fits nicely into this niche. It can stop a lawsuit from happening in the first place, and ensures that you protect your identity throughout the process of your investing journey.

Leafy Legal Services made sure to make anonymous land trusts as easy and simple as possible. Since this service provides the protection that real estate investors often need, Leafy Legal Services is committed to making sure that their clients needs are taken care of and that the process is as smooth as possible. Customers of the anonymous land trusts service will likely appreciate this because it gives the reassurance and peace of mind that they will be okay in the event of a lawsuit. 95% of real estate investors are likely to be sued in 20 years of their career. Leafy Legal Services sees this need and works to the top to make sure as many people are protected as possible.

This is the latest offering from Leafy Legal Services and this company is excited about this launch because Leafy Legal Services are qualified and ready to do anonymous land trusts because they care about their clients and their life’s work..

Those interested in learning more about Leafy Legal Services and their Anonymous Land Trusts service scan do so on the website at

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