Annual AAYFL High School Football Combine to Take Place Late February 2017

The All American Youth Football League annual high school football combine is slated for 25th February 2017 and is set to provide high school athletes with everything they need to become exceptional college footballers and athletes.

The third installment of the AAYFL (All American Youth Football League) annual high school football combine is scheduled to take place on the 25th of February 2017 at the All American in Nevada. Despite having organized this remarkable event twice in the past two years, it’s going to happen live for the third time in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is going to be the biggest ever by the looks of things.

The AAYFL find events like this beneficial to high school students in many ways. They sharpen the academic and athletic skills of students whilst inculcating essential values such as team work, mutual respect among students, and more. Students also turned out to be more responsible and committed to their education after attending previous installments, and this one is expected to be no different in terms of how it impacts the culture and behavior of high school students getting ready for college entry.

The AAYFL also hope to attract sponsors and donations through this football combine. They have a donation page on their website as well for those who wish to donate online.

This year’s event promises to be fun, highly entertaining, and fulfilling, and this is reinforced by the AAFC president, James Silvas, in his recent statement. “This is going to be an educational and value creating event for football players”, he remarked.

Former NFL and college players, coaches, mentors, and more will be present at the event and this is one of the primary, if not the highest, contributing factors to the success of the event every single year. Attendees, by simply attending the event, gain the privilege to pick the brains of some of the best NFL and college players and learn through interactive education. The support of the community and families is also worth mentioning.

During this year’s football combine, high school students are going to learn how to get recruited for college football, undergo athletic testing and evaluation, and learn fantastic football techniques from the coaches. There will also be plenty of food and drinks for everyone.

The AAYFL are offering free admission to the first 500 high school players that register via their official website. The event is open to 9th – 12th grade players only.

About the AAYFL: The AAYFL is an organization dedicated to providing student-athletes with positive mentorship and leadership along with providing the necessary training and resources that they need to be successful.

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