Announcing: Wildroot Organic Has New Updated Website and Interactive Storefront.

Wildroot Organic launched a New Updated Interactive Website and Store Webpage for its 100% Pure Premium Organic Mycorrhizae Inoculant Concentrate and Fertilizers.

Wildroot Organic has launched their New Website and Interactive Amazon Storefront featuring its Premium water soluble Mycorrhizae as well as three user friendly organic fertilizers. The pure concentrate mycorrhizae comes in the form of a high-efficiency powder which can be applied in powder form directly into seed packets, diluted into well or non chlorinated water and sprayed onto root balls or pour into root zones for in ground plants. A single ounce is sufficient to make 50 gallons of mycorrhizal solution. It can treat 5 to 8 pounds of seed or up to 5000 square feet of lawn.

In addition, Wildroot Organic is now offering three organic fertilizers for home use and gardens. Larger sizes are also available for agricultural use. They are 100% organic and easy to apply. 12-0-1 can be applied as a drench or foliar spray, 8-2-4 is applied as a drench while the granular 4-3-2 is a traditional application. This granular 4-3-2 is unique as it contains the proprietary mycorrhizae blend. When mycorrhizae is applied along with the fertilizer, only half of the recommended fertilizer amount will be sufficient.

See their website: with link to their updated interactive store front:

Over 95% of all plants around the world depend on microscopic spores called Mycorrhizae. It is naturally found in undisturbed ecosystems globally and attaches itself to the roots of host plants. In doing so, the mycorrhizae extracts nutrients and moisture from the soil feeding the plant roots and in turn receives sugar and carbohydrates from the host plants. This mutual dependency is a symbiotic relationship which is beneficial to both host plant and mycorrhizae for growing healthy and strong.

However, when land is cleared, developed, over grazed, tilled, or compacted, the natural ecosystem becomes disturbed and both plants and mycorrhizae are destroyed. Newly planted crops and vegetation will need inoculation of mycorrhizae for the plants to grow strong.

This is where Wildroot Organic comes in with its proprietary blend of pure premium mycorrhizae species, globally selected, including 9 endo and 7 ecto mycorrhizae. The more variety of species and a higher concentration of propagules makes this superior blend able to treat 95% of indoor and outdoor plants by promoting healthy root growth, increasing drought tolerance, improving soil stabilization and providing resistance to disease. Application of mycorrhizae will reduce up to 30% of water requirement as well as fertilizer usage.

Read recent reviews:

“Wow, works fantastic in my indoor and outdoor plants! I like that it is totally organic and has the most variety of species which means there will be a mycorrhiza that will match every one of my plants. So easy to use and made right here in the USA!” KG

“Great for root development. I’ve noticed using this seedlings will grow faster . The roots and the fungus benefit each other , and this is great for growing plants fruits and vegetables. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to see better healthier plants” SF

“I used it to water my clones, it works great, after one week my clone was sprouting more leaves!!” WB

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