Announcing Find Addiction Rehabs: United Healthcare Insurance Coverage Guide

Nationwide addiction treatment directory, Find Addiction Rehabs (877-358-2080), announces its guide for substance abuse and mental health coverage through UnitedHealthcare. Up to 100% of costs associated with treatment may be covered, clients can reach out now for full details!

Find Addiction Rehabs has created a resource for UnitedHealthcare policyholders to help more people suffering from addiction find the help they need at the lowest possible out-of-pocket expense (possibly without any client cost). The nationwide directory connects struggling families with an addiction recovery facility that suits their needs and budget.

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The announcement solidifies the status of the company as a trusted online directory for substance treatment centers. Aside from connecting patients to the recovery center of their choice, Find Addiction Rehabs also offers private consultation for families looking for same-day placement.

According to the latest data, one reason why drug or substance addiction is not addressed is the financial strain associated with seeking treatment. Experts say that many people understand that they need help but often cannot afford to obtain it, which often spirals them into depression and continues the cycle of addiction.

Find Addiction Rehabs recognizes that help for drug abuse should be accessible for all. It notes that almost 21 million Americans suffer from some type of drug or substance disorder, but only one out of 10 receives care.

Through its partnerships with treatment providers, the company connects patients to a wider range of treatment programs and centers. In particular, the resource provided for United Healthcare policyholders seeks to support patients recovering from drug and alcohol addiction by letting them know that many services, including behavioral healthcare, are covered by their existing policy. Further details can be found at

Some substance abuse program features that may be covered include chiropractic care, massage, equine therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and a luxury rehab setting. It is important that clients consult with Find Addiction Rehabs first to determine what can be applied for.

The addiction resources center offers 24/7 recovery help. Families are encouraged to call its hotline to receive all the information they need to choose the best treatment facility for their loved ones. The online directory includes short and long-term sobriety programs and residential or outpatient treatments.

The company also regularly releases various articles on the different types of substance abuse and the appropriate treatments for each of them.

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