Announcing Bay Ridge Gut Renovations Construction & Remodeling in Brooklyn

George at Picasso Expert Renovations is a contractor who now specializes in gut renovation construction for all of the Bay Ridge Brooklyn area.

Picasso Expert Renovations announces they are expanding their gut renovation construction business to cover all of Bay Ridge in Brooklyn.

George from Picasso Expert Renovations was asked, “Why the focus on Bay Ridge in Brooklyn?” George replied, “We appreciate Bay Ridge because of the diversity of the homes and the people in the area which means we are almost always landing interesting projects in the neighborhood. And it seems that our Bay Ridge clients are always appreciative when we bring in a gut renovation construction project under budget and on time.”

According to George there are thousands of vintage properties in the Bay Ridge area that could be brought up to date with an interior renovation. “The way I look at it, you want to keep the exteriors of the brownstone and limestone row houses looking the way they did over one hundred years ago. The same is true for the great single family homes in the area. However, our clients almost always appreciate the interiors of their vintage buildings having all the conveniences and comforts of 2020.”

“Most of our clients appreciate the opportunity to knock out some of their interior walls so they can establish a new floor plan. They’ve told me that it’s really cool to be able to have the flow and design of a more modern space that allows them to add their own character and personality to the home.”

And a final suggestion from George. “I always like to take photos of the various stages of the gut remodel because I want to have my client have proof that they now have the conveniences and safety of a new home while still retaining the ambiance and vintage look. This means they will have new wiring,plumbing and heating as well as new fixtures.”

If completed properly, a full gut renovation can substantially increase the value of an older Bay Ridge home.

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