Annapolis MD Dentist COVID-19 Health Sanitized Dental Safety Measures Launched

Aria Dental of Annapolis has launched expanded preventative safety measures in light of the current pandemic to encourage patients to continue seeking dental care to protect their immune systems.

Annapolis, MD dental office Aria Dental of Annapolis has announced the launch of expanded preventative safety measures in light of the current pandemic. As frontline healthcare providers, Aria Dental’s aim is to detect and eliminate oral health issues that could have a negative impact on their patients’ immune health.

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These newly launched measures are intended to encourage Aria Dental’s patients to continue seeking dental healthcare during the current pandemic by making more clear the connection between oral health and immune system health. That connection begins with strong oral hygiene habits, including for the patient to continue using their own toothbrush, to not store that toothbrush in a closed environment which could foster germs, and to eat well.

Aria Dental’s newly enforced safety measures go on to detail the connection between the results of poor oral hygiene, like tooth decay and gum disease, with the inflammation and bacteria that could potentially weaken a patient’s immune system. In turn, that could raise the body’s overall susceptibility to the coronavirus and other infectious illnesses.

The dental practice, which already follows OSHA requirements including fully sanitizing exam rooms between patient visits, sterilizing dental implements after patient visits, and wearing protective gear, plans to utilize these new safety measures to keep their doors open during the current pandemic as part of their mission to protect their patients.

These newly implemented health measures are designed to have an impact on the office’s patients beyond the pandemic as well. The bacteria triggered by poor oral hygiene can also lead to other health issues such as cardiovascular disease, heart disease, pneumonia, and, for expectant mothers, premature birth, and underweight babies.

By establishing the link between oral health, illness, and the immune system, and creating a new set of health measures to ensure patients can seek out healthcare and address potential oral hygiene issues before they lead to other health concerns.

A representative from Aria Dental of Annapolis detailed the practice’s philosophy as frontline healthcare providers. “We firmly believe it’s our responsibility to detect and eliminate those oral issues which threaten your immune system and your ability to ward off infectious diseases including the coronavirus and the flu. It’s our mission to do all we can to preserve and protect your health, in good times and bad.”

More information on the office’s response to the current pandemic, including information on scheduling an emergency appointment now, can be found at the link above.

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