Annapolis Bluetooth Beacon Social WiFi Local Marketing Services Launched

Bowie, Maryland online marketing agency Slim Media & Marketing expanded its social WiFi and Bluetooth beacon marketing services to help Annapolis companies improve their market reach and connect with more potential clients.

Slim Media & Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in Bowie, Maryland, announced an expansion of its social WiFi and Bluetooth Beacon marketing services for local businesses in Annapolis and the surrounding areas. The company provides efficient solutions to help companies increase their market reach and attract more local customers by offering them free WiFi, sending special offers and other incentives, and increasing their social media following.

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Social media WiFi and Bluetooth beacons have become increasingly popular among local companies interested in optimizing their local marketing strategies, as they offer a reliable means for companies to provide a wide range of incentives to potential customers. Studies show that more than 60% of customers spend more time in facilities providing free WiFi, making it an important factor in overall marketing success for businesses like restaurants or hotels.

Slim Media & Marketing can help companies in Annapolis and the surrounding areas implement social media-based WiFi hotspots. The system allows companies to provide their customers with free WiFi connectivity if they log in with their social media accounts – a quick and convenient way to access the internet without introducing any passwords, and an efficient solution for local businesses looking to boost their social media reach.

The Bluetooth beacon marketing service is also available for Annapolis businesses. Based on portable Bluetooth beacons, the system automatically sends custom promotional messages, special offers, discounts and other incentives to smartphone users within a 100 yards range. The beacons can be placed at the company’s location or carried in cars, allowing local businesses to increase their local visibility and attract more potential customers.

With the latest service update, the marketing agency strives to diversify its range of services for companies throughout Maryland.

A Slim Media & Marketing spokesperson said: “At Slim Media & Marketing in conjunction with our strategic partners, we’ve worked with all kinds of companies, from small single-point retailers looking to get more foot traffic from local customers, to large e-commerce companies selling hundreds of thousands of products online. Each company and situation is different, and we’re confident we can help each of our clients create a sustainable plan for business success.”

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