Ann Arbor MI Music Business Career Coaching Band Exposure Services Launched

Ann Arbor based music business architect Jamie Leger has expanded his US music business coaching services to help musicians grow their career on their own terms.

Jamie Leger, the Ann Arbor, Michigan-based music entrepreneur and consultant, has expanded his music business coaching services. Specifically, he is now offering interested musicians a music business expansion package that will help them to grow their career more effectively than a major record label. Like a Modern Musician.

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The announcement coincides with the ongoing proliferation of streaming services which has, in many cases, gone hand in hand with a diminished revenue rate and loss of image control for musicians.

However, these platforms, with the correct guidance and management, can alternately offer increased exposure for musicians if handled correctly.

As such, Mr. Leger has created this new integrated coaching and training system for professional musicians with the end goal of musical and financial liberation.

He believes that the recent dismantling of the traditional music business and record label system in fact creates the potential for an artists’ revolution which can place the control back with independent musicians and producers.

He wants to update the model for traditional musicians to modern musicianship.

That’s why he has specifically developed his new program to teach professional musicians how to take advantage of the reshaped musical landscape and to connect with audiences directly.

His new music business expansion package offers practical advice on how to develop an entrepreneurial mind and skill-set, how to create an actionable career strategy, cultivate a fan base and leverage technology to maximize creative output and audience connectivity.

Jamie Leger is the Founder and CEO of The Music Business Liberation Coaching and Training Academy. The organization was born of his passion to make the music industry modern, upending the power dynamics which saw record labels and radio stations dictate taste and popularity, instead empowering musicians to forge their own career path.

He said of his new music business coaching package, “I help independent artists and musicians build a loyal fan base, a full-time career, and spend more time doing what they love-on their own terms. I will teach you how to grow your fan base and music career more effectively than a major label would, or could, using what you’ve already got.”

Interested musicians can access more information by visiting the website above.

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