Ann Arbor MI Leading Legal Firm Divorce Alimony No Fault Guide Launched

Ann Arbor MI, ArborYpsi Law has launched a new guide focusing on frequently asked questions about divorce. The guide is designed to help clients and reduce stress

A leading law firm based in Ann Arbor MI, ArborYpsi Law, has launched a new guide to divorce in the state of Michigan. It is designed to reduce the stress of clients and answer common questions.

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The expert team at ArborYpsi understand the decision to proceed with a divorce is not something taken lightly by either party. They know clients have many questions before and during the process.

Therefore, the team have collated many of the frequently asked questions in a guide, to help people find the answers they are looking for when they need them most.

Alimony is topic frequently raised when considering divorce. ArborYpsi advises that spousal support is based on multiple factors but usually looks at whether one party has given up a career or form of revenue to support the other party.

Other factors taken into consideration include the marriage length, the education background of each party, the ability to secure a job post-divorce and the number of children involved.

In the state of Michigan, the time to complete the divorce process ranges from a minimum of 60 days to six months. Where children are involved, six months is the generally accepted length of time however, it can be less if a compelling reason is put forward.

Michigan is a no-fault state, which in this instance means extra martial affairs should not matter in the divorce proceedings. However, fault can sometimes be used in the division of property.

In terms of property, it is typically divided 50/50 however there are exceptions. Similarly, agreements between both parties generally have to be reached where pets are involved.

A company spokesperson said, “Marriages breakdown for many reasons, regardless of the cause, the professional and experienced team at ArborYpsi aim to support clients and ensure a fair settlement is reached.”

They continued, “We know how stressful divorce can be and how overwhelming clients can feel. They often have lots of questions and don’t always know where to start, which is why we’ve created a guide to answer the most frequently asked questions.”

For people who have questions that remain unanswered or for further advice, ArborYpsi Law provides free consultations. To book a consultation or find out more, visit the website URL provided.

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