Ann Arbor MI Criminal Defense Attorney CPL Violation Protection Program Launched

ArborYpsi Law Firm in Ann Arbor MI has launched a CPL protection program. The Criminal Defense firm is qualified to defend anyone charged with a weapons crime or misdemeanor.

Sam Bernstein of the ArborYpsi Law firm in Ann Arbor MI has launched a program to help responsible citizens protect their CPL. The firm is defending anyone charged with a civil infraction or felony related to an issue concerning a CPL, firearm or weapon issue.

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The launch of the CPL Protection program is geared to help citizens thoroughly understand how to protect their concealed pistol licenses. By knowing the details of the laws surrounding this license one is less likely to face the loss of this valuable asset.

If necessary the Arborypsi Law Firm is competent to defend anyone facing misdemeanor or criminal charges. Misdemeanor charges include a purchaser of pistol fails to provide a copy of a pistol sales record to licensing authority, failure by a licensed individual to carry concealed weapons license and state ID in his or her possession while carrying a pistol or taser device, and carrying when there is a blood alcohol content of .02 – .08.

Some of the felony charges include removing the ID, brandishing a firearm in public, careless and reckless or negligent use of a firearm, carrying with unlawful intent and discharging a firearm while intoxicated. If one is faced with any type of violation it is advised to seek legal counsel immediately.

One client of Arborypsi Law charged with a serious matter stated, “The case I was going through was my first time dealing with the court system. Working with Sam Bernstein was fantastic. He is very knowledgeable, he listens, he goes above and beyond and does it all with a smile. He is always very accessible and willing to talk about the case, answer questions, etc. I hope to never need to hire an attorney again, but if I do, I’m calling Sam!”

While more and more responsible citizens now have a CPL many are unaware of the nuances in the law and find themselves charged criminally with a firearms violation. The launch of the CPL Protection service is now in place in Ann Arbor MI to help all those in need.

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