Animated Music Video Production Service For Artists and Producers Launched

The Animated Music Video Company has announced an update to its animation services,which aim to provide musicians and prodicers the ability to promote their music with custom made animated music videos.

The Animated Music Video Company has launched its updated services for musicians and music producers looking for a way to showcase their music with custom animated videos.

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The updated services from The Animated Music Video Company aims to provide musicians around the world with a means of promoting their music through custom-made animation. This service can benefit musicians as live-action productions are becoming more challenging to produce due to the current pandemic restrictions.

In the current pandemic landscape, many artists are struggling to promote their music as the ability to record music videos is hindered by limitations due to local lockdowns and social distancing restrictions. Furthermore, in places where videos can be recorded, the costs are increasing due to the rise in demand. The Animated Music Video Company are aiming to provide musicians with an alternative that can see their visions come to life through animation.

Animated music videos are also rising in popularity as the ability to have a potentially viral hit by sharing a unique, eye-catching video across social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook can lead to a surge in an artist’s exposure.

The services provided by The Animated Music Video Company gives music producers the benefit of a video that is made specifically for their music that brings to life their unique voice and style. Additionally, animated music videos are not limited by physical constraints or budget restrictions, meaning the animation can deliver a musician’s true vision for a video, whatever ideas they may have.

The Animated Music Video Company aims to provide high-quality animations using state-of-the-art tools to suit any musical style. The company’s services begin with a consultation with the artist to ensure they understand the goals and ideas the artist is looking for. The company then develops a visual concept, script, and video that meets the artist’s goals. At every step of the process, clients can request revisions to ensure the end product matches their needs.

Based in Santa Clara, California, The Animated Music Video Company has created over one thousand animated music videos for clients and aims to bring their experience to more artists worldwide.

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