Animated Interactive Presentation Creator & Online Magazine Software Launched

An online interactive animated presentation creator and magazine editing software called Inspire Vision was officially launched. This online service allows users to create and fully personalize interactive animated presentations and edit their own virtual magazines, with functions allowing for full responsiveness regardless of platform.

Inspire Vision, an online interactive animated presentation creator and magazine editing service, was officially launched.

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Visual presentations have grown in popularity as more and more people turned to animated solutions in an attempt to create more comprehensible slide shows with an added layer of visual appeal.

Microsoft PowerPoint was among the first software to offer visual presentation solutions, and it is still widely popular today. However, the fact that it is limited to computers running Microsoft Office means that its portability is less than satisfactory.

In fact, portability and the ability to run a presentation on any device is one of the main reasons online presentation tools have recently seen a surge in popularity.

Independent from any additional software, online animated presentation solutions allow business professionals, educators and public speakers to access their presentations wherever they go, thereby making for a viable, more convenient alternative to traditional stand-alone presentation software.

Inspire Vision is a new online animated interactive presentation and magazine creator which only requires an internet connection to run on any platform, in any resolution.

Unlike most other similar animated presentation tools, Inspire Vision does not have any built-in, preset appearance or theme that makes it instantly recognizable. This allows its users more personalization possibilities, enabling them to create visual layouts tailor-suited for their purposes.

The drag-and-drop interface is perfect for all presentation creators, since it requires no programming skills. Users can simply choose the layout of their choices, edit text snippets, create buttons, add pictures, and do all manners of editing they choose.

Inspire Vision offers a full range of interactive options, which is a significant advantage over the competition. Users can create text and video pop-ups and optimize their presentations and magazines for a variety of platforms, including smartphones and tablets.

Swipe, click, scroll and other user controls are all available, potentially making Inspire Vision one of the most responsive online presentation services currently available.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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