Animated Explainer Videos For Technology Companies And Complex Topics Launched

A video producer has launched animated explainer videos for companies faced with explaining complicated issues and technologies to the public, investors, and employees.

The Video Animation Company has launched animated explainer videos for the technology industry. The company specializes in making animated explainer videos for complicated topics that are often found in the world of technology.

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The company launched this effort for the technology sector after finding success in producing videos for Dell, an American multinational computer technology company that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers. After completing an explainer video for the computer giant the company began receiving requests for animated explainer videos from a broad range of tech companies.

The video animation company uses the same process for the tech industry as it does for other sectors. First, it writes a script based on answers to a questionnaire and then creates a storyboard, which is a rough sketch of all the frames in the animated video.

Then they create all the illustrated frames based on the video chosen. Styles include Detailed Character Animation, Character Animation Stick Figures, Motion Graphics Animation, Color Whiteboard Animation, Character Animation, Animated Whiteboard Animation, and more.

Finally, they produce the final video with the animation, voice over, music, and sound effects. It takes 3-4 weeks to make a video. The time it takes depends on 3 factors: the length of your video, how many revisions, how soon a client gets back to the company with the revisions needed.

The company offers unlimited revisions at each step of the way. This means they don’t move on to the next stage until the client is satisfied. Also, clients may choose from voice-over artists in any accent, gender, and language.

Explainer Videos have been produced for various technology companies including Dell, One Online, C2 Software, OOnair App, Dessauer Group Realty Software Solutions, MC360 Resume Software. The company website gives over 1,500 examples of explainer videos tech companies can view for ideas and inspiration.

Lynn Osbourne, a recent client from Equinix shared, “VACs team efforts impressed us here at Equinix on multiple levels…excellent communication throughout the project lifecycle, they made this complex task fun, stress-free on budget and on time.”

The launch of animated tech videos gives companies in the technology industry a viable new resource to help explain complicated topics to their staff and customers.

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