Animated Explainer Video Production Real Estate Experts – Report Released

The Explainer Video Company has released a report elaborating on the benefits of animated explainer videos for the real estate industry, and the company's production services that cover content development, video editing, and online publishing.

The new report titled “The Benefits of Real Estate Animated Explainer Videos”, details the advantages of using custom explainer videos to market real estate agencies and provides an overview of the company’s line of animated video production services.

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Through this report, The Explainer Video Company showcases the power of animated visual videos to drive customer engagement and create a strong brand impact on target audiences.

Animated explainer videos provide flexibility in the expression of ideas while retaining superior engagement. This approach applies to every industry and can be used to reach a wide audience. Real estate agencies, Realtors, builders, developers, and brokers can use animated explainer videos for marketing, instructional coaching, or creatively outlining product or service features.

Explainer videos for real estate include property guides, service descriptions, staff training, project progress reports, and more. Using video animation, real estate companies can expand their reach significantly and use engaging visual assets to communicate complex processes including escrow, insurance, and homeownership programs.

According to the report, real estate companies can use The Explainer Video Company’s services to cost-effectively represent simple and complex ideas to potential customers, leading to better conversion and retention rates. The report also details benefits to online presence and search engine optimization ranking, which can help real estate agencies stand apart from the competition.

About The Company

The Explainer Video Company is a video production agency that specializes in the development of animated content for a variety of applications. The company’s team of animation and project management experts works with individuals and businesses to create concepts for video content, develop an animated design, and realize a finished copy within 4 days. Other core services include content development, animation design, and online publishing.

An excerpt from the report states, “There’s a lot you can do with explainer videos in the real estate space. Most importantly, you will be able to make a memorable impact on the viewer and boost conversion rates to stay ahead of the competition. There is no doubt that your audience will appreciate the effort and be more likely to convert.”

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