Animal Testing Is A No For Makeup Organizer Maker – Cruelty-Free Makeup Petition

Best acrylic makeup organizer company on (Cosmopolitan Collection), recently announced their decision to combat animal testing with cosmetics, creams, and makeups. As a first course of action, the company has decided to take a leap of faith and sign the petition.

Cosmopolitan Collection recently announced that they would launch a petition to end makeup testing on animals in support of cruelty-free beauty products.

A spokesperson for the bestselling acrylic makeup organizer, Rob Bowser, explained; “Our product is designed to organize makeup products […] and we strive to use environmentally friendly materials in our products. Animals are an important part of this world. We demand that no product should be animal tested. Cosmo Collection feels a petition signed by our customers can raise awareness of the situation, and move change in this area forward.”

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About: “As an honest and ethical company, Cosmopolitan Collection focuses all energy, resources, and effort to organizing the world in a beautiful way. By creating a single, acrylic makeup organizer, Cosmopolitan Collection works to improve the world by bringing the best quality makeup organizer in the world to market so that all men and women can use and enjoy the product at a reasonable price.”

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