Animal Enrichment Expert Lion, Tiger & Other Large Cat Toys Announced

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A leading Milwaukee based animal enrichment specialist has announced it can provide US zookeepers and sanctuaries with products for lions, tigers and other big cats. Otto Environmental has 20 years’ experience and takes pride in great service.

Otto Environmental has announced their Otto Enrichment line to provide zookeepers and animal sanctuaries with high quality life enrichment products for lions, tigers and other animals. As well as the variety of animal care items available in their online store, they also provide products for the general public.

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The site explains that Otto Environmental has 20 years’ experience providing clients with the best in animal welfare products and life enrichment items. Whether the customer is an animal owner, zoo, vet or pet sanctuary, the team at Otto Environmental can help.

Otto Environmental is located in Milwaukee, WI, and offers animal equipment and enrichment products including exotic animal enrichment, lab equipment, diagnostic equipment, primate caging, livestock pens, animal accessories, material handling and more.

For big cats, the company offers a wide selection of enrichment items for the animals’ enjoyment. These include balls and accessories to play with, tug of war toys and accessories, heavy duty hammocks for relaxing, and feeder toys that encourage interaction.

Animal enrichment is very important, because in captivity, their food and water are supplied for them. What’s more, their social groupings are usually stable, and there are no predators or competition for them.

This means that all animals, not just lions and tigers, have a lot of extra free time that they wouldn’t necessarily have in the wild. It’s important for zoos, sanctuaries, and vets to provide life enrichment products to entertain or challenge the animals.

Food based enrichment is one of the most popular options, because it provides a fun way to prolong feeding times. Otto Enrichment provides toys for this, along with sensory enrichment and others, on their website.

The company states: “Our aim is to improve the lives of animals and those who care for them. For more than 20 years our team at Otto Environmental has been finding and even creating some of the best animal enrichment and equipment products available. Our customers come from all over the United States to shop our online store and are typically professionals who care for animals on a daily basis.”

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