Animal Care & Enrichment Store For Zookeepers Vets & Animal Scientists Launched

A new online store has been launched by Otto Environmental, offering great animal welfare and enrichment products. Aimed at animal scientists and zookeepers, it offers a range of products for play, sleeping, and feeding.

Otto Environmental has launched a new online store for animal products called Otto Enrichment. Whether the animals are in a zoo, at a sanctuary, or at home, Otto Enrichment provides products to enrich their lives and provide the best care.

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With zoos focused on loving animals and labs focused on performing cutting edge research, it’s always important to provide an enriching environment for the animals to live in. But some products are not appropriate in the alternate environment.

The new site will offer animal care and enrichment products of the highest quality for professionals and the general public. The aim of the company is to improve the lives of animals and those who care for them.

With the new site, Otto Environmental creates Otto Enrichment which focuses primarily on great animal products for zookeepers and those who care for animals in sanctuaries. The products are ideal for animal enrichment, but there are also suitable caging products.

Separately, the original Otto Environmental store continues to focus on animal scientists who need specific products for their labs. For these labs it is also crucial to offer high quality animal enrichment items along with animal handling and laboratory equipment.

Enrichment is hugely important for animals in captivity, because they have much more free time and they need to live a full, happy life. With food and water supplied for them, and a secure territory, they have more time to focus on free time – and this is where animal enrichment can be hugely beneficial.

A wide range of animal enrichment products is available through the Otto Enrichment store, including nesting boxes, Zuper balls, hula curtains, vet pads, veterinary supplies, and food feeders with random placed slots for treats.

The company states: “For more than 20 years our team at Otto Environmental has been finding and even creating some of the best animal enrichment and equipment products available.”

It adds: “Our customers come from all over the United States to shop our online store and are typically professionals who care for animals on a daily basis.”

Full details about the new Otto Enrichment online store can be found at the URL above.

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