Angel Dog advises Not Everybody In Atlanta Likes Fireworks, tips for fearful pet

Not Everybody Likes Fireworks, Angel Dog’s Sound Socialization popular training introduces updated specific training, new digital real life sounds, and studio mastered for exceptional delivery.

It’s a difficult time for sound fearful pets. Angel Dog Inc. urges taking extra precautions to keep animals safe.

Fireworks displays are set for Stone Mountain Park, Buckhead Lenox mall, Centennial Olympic Park downtown Atlanta, Gainesville Lake Lanier and many more. Some of these may be modified or cancelled however people are already setting off fireworks and will continue doing so for about a month.

Angel Dog Inc. has announced a new upgrade to their popular Animal Training CD or MP3, Angel Dog Sound Socialization.

Sound Socialization has multiple new features designed to improve quality of life for dog and animal parents including:

· Updated specific training and studio mastered digital real life sounds – The most important part of this product is the training to address specific training needs, from litters of puppies to sound traumatized adult dogs

· People have made requests to certain sounds that really distressed their pets. – We listened and watched videos and visited in person to fully understand the need. You’ll find them in this new version.

More details of changes to Angel Dog Sound Socialization can be found on the company website,

The changes in this Animal Training CD or MP3 were bought about due to the environment is getting louder and more sound stimulating disturbing animals. As part of an ongoing effort to improve an animal’s life pleasure and safety Angel Dog Sound Socialization customers can expect regular updates both now and in the future. Angel Dog Inc. is passionate about all animals and their family’s well being to enjoy a full beautiful life with a calm, confidant pet. Angel Dog Inc. appreciates client’s input and additionally constantly seeks new ways to enhance the lives of the precious animals.

O’Neal Scott, Founder and CEO, had this to say:

“Angel Dog Inc. researched and developed the very first pet sound socialization product ever back in 2001. It was a labor or love then and continues today. The product updates are designed based on user feedback and expanding awareness of developing needs in the animal world. It is exciting to receive positive feedback from grateful pet parents to improved responses to loud, stimulating sounds, especially fireworks. Look for new training in the coming year with development of exciting additional tools and methods to enhance the lives of pets and ultimately the family, neighborhood, community and beyond. Check the website for information about the new launches and how they will benefit you and your loved ones.”

Angel Dog Inc. has multiple tools to assist Atlanta dog parents and other animal guardians to provide a safe and reduced drama, and trauma, for that super sound sensitive pet’s wellbeing. Have you taken a recent assessment of your pet’s life? Visit for tips to use now with the fireworks.

The company is doing something new this year as a thank you to adopting all the animals from responsible breeders, rescues, shelters, off the streets. When you purchase a Sound Socialization product before July 4th, you can send a name and email and they will receive one for free. It can be a shelter, breeder, a friend, or neighbor. If you don’t have someone in mind, a donation of the training will be given to pet organizations that love to help animals while in their care.

Those interested in learning more about the upgrade and further advances can do so directly on the website at New customers can also use the site to purchase the latest version of Angel Dog Sound Socialization.

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