Ancient Prophecy Warns of a 1 km Sized Asteroid Impact – says Author Robert Rite

In a recent article, Robert Rite, author of "Signs in the Heavens" and several other prophecy related books and articles, revealed several biblical prophecies that clearly warn that a 1 km sized asteroid impact is foretold to occur.

In his article titled “Does Science and the Bible Warn of an Asteroid Impact on Planet Earth?,” Robert writes: “In the biblical book of Revelation, among the visions given to John is what clearly describes an asteroid that impacts the Ocean and another that reaches land. The impacts will occur at the time of the end of this age; a period referred to as the “apocalypse” and also the “great tribulation”. It will be approximately 1 kilometer (.62 miles or approx. 3,200 feet) wide because the prophecy reveals that 1/3rd of the earth and oceans will be impacted.”

Says Robert: “Celestial objects dance across our solar system as a steady reminder of just how vulnerable our civilization is to a doomsday event. In fact, we barely escaped an “extinction event” sized asteroid impact in 2013. NASA has reported that there are many NEOs or “Near Earth Objects” in our solar system. Sooner or later, it is inevitable, say scientists, that Earth’s gravitational field will attract one or several of these celestial bodies.”

Robert believes that the vast majority of ancient prophecies were written for our generation, which stands to reason, since among other factors, the earth’s population today is greater than at any other time in recorded history. He believes we are that last generation which will experience the apocalypse.

Robert Continues: “To date, scientists have identified more than 150 craters on earth caused by asteroid or meteorite impacts. Large asteroids (1 mile or greater in width) can cause mass extinctions on earth, and our earth has been impacted by a few of these as well, as evidenced by the fossil record. According to science experts, we would need roughly 5 years advance warning to attempt to neutralize an incoming object from space. NASA and other space experts have admitted that many large asteroids have passed close to earth and were not even detected until just hours or days before a potential impact.”

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