Anchorage AK Alzheimers Disease Adult Day Care Social Services Report Released

Adult daycare center Turnagain Social Club, (907-677-6770) based in Anchorage's Turnagain neighborhood, has released a new report outlining the care requirements for those diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

Turnagain Social Club, an adult day care center in Anchorage offering support services for seniors or disabled people aged 55 and over, has released a new report detailing information on the type of care required after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

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The new report provides information about the types of care services available for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease. It also serves as a knowledge repository for patients’ families. The report suggests that while a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s can be overwhelming, support can help patients lead a more comfortable life and their families can be better equipped to cope with the uncertainties of the situation.

The team at Turnagain Social Club explains that it is important for families of patients to establish a robust support system to help the patient feel less isolated and improve access to specialized day care in and around Anchorage.

If a patient wants to continue living at home, Turnagain Social Club recommends adult day care services. This enables the family to continue living as normally as possible whilst knowing that their loved one’s needs are being met in a caring and supportive environment. The team at the Anchorage Alzheimer’s day care center is trained and equipped to offer care with the progression of the disease.

Turnagain Social Club provides patients with a comprehensive suite of care services that include mental stimulation activities to combat the difficulties of Alzheimer’s disease. According to research, patients may reach a stage of forgetfulness and will repetitively ask the same questions. Mental stimulation exercises and games help the brain focus on other things and in turn, aids their memory. According to the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, crosswords, puzzles, and socializing can help patients improve their quality of life.

Meal services are also important to consider after a diagnosis, it is important to create a meal plan before the illness progresses to a stage where the patient forgets any allergies they may have. A tailored meal plan should consist of a varied diet with the correct nutrient balance.

According to a spokesperson for the Anchorage adult day care center, “Turnagain Social Club provides specialized care and services to meet our community’s needs. We provide engaging activities and alternative therapies to enrich the lives of Anchorage’s seniors. Whether our members have Alzheimer’s or not, TSC is a community for all.”

Turnagain Social Club is a full-service adult day facility headed by Owner and President Koreen Mateaki, a Registered Nurse and emergency medical technician with more than 21 years of experience managing care facilities and working with patients.

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