Anaheim Electrical Panel Installation | Fuse Box & Circuit Breaker Fixes Updated

Anaheim electrical services company Zoom Electricians (833-529-3731) recently updated its electrical panel installation services for homes and businesses.

Following the recent update, the company can install electrical panels in new homes and upgrade those in older buildings. Zoom Electricians will ensure that the right panel is chosen to match the needs of the household, ensuring a steady flow of electricity and optimized energy costs.

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An old or faulty electrical panel can cause many problems for a home or business. Flickering lights, unusual sounds coming from a fuse box, breakers tripping constantly, smoke coming from outlets, burning smells, and burnt-out appliances are all signs of electrical panel issues. If not dealt with promptly, these issues can lead to greater structural failures and safety hazards.

Zoom Electricians’ team of certified professionals performs repairs, replacements, and installations of electrical panels. “Whether a new or old building, we ensure that the customer’s electrical panel will meet the demands of modern technological devices,” said a spokesperson for the company. “We provide safe, efficient, and sufficient electricity so they can use their devices stress and worry-free.”

In addition to reliable electricity, Zoom Electricians' new electrical panel services provide many other benefits. They allow homeowners to increase the number of outlets available in their homes. They can also lower utility bills, as well as insurance bills due to reduced overall risk. Some electric companies even provide rebates and discounts to customers who upgrade their existing electrical panels.

Zoom Electricians' experts recommend that electrical panels be upgraded every 25 to 30 years. Also, if a customer is going through a renovation or remodel, or if they’ve installed new appliances, they recommend upgrading to a new electrical panel to cope with higher power needs.

If building a new home or business, or if an existing one is showing any of the signs of a faulty electrical panel, customers are encouraged to book a no-obligation consultation from one of Zoom Electricians’ licensed professionals. They will assess the situation and create a plan based on their findings. Zoom Electricians stresses that homeowners should not perform any electrical work by themselves.

About Zoom Electricians

Zoom Electricians has been serving communities across California since 1988. Their licensed professionals each have 10 to 20 years of experience in electrical repair, maintenance, and installation. Their services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays.

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