Anaheim CA Wholesale Industrial Plastics Distributor 45th Anniversary Announced

Industrial Plastic Supply in Anaheim CA announces its 45th anniversary. They distribute wholesale engineering plastics, mechanical plastics and high-performance plastics for industrial use.

Industrial Plastic Supply in Anaheim California has announced its historic 45th anniversary. They specialize in the distribution of wholesale engineering plastics, mechanical plastics and high-performance plastics for industrial use. All products the company distributes are made in the U.S.A.

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As 2020 begins so does the launch of their 45th anniversary. They are a proud American Company that specializes in the distribution of hard to locate industrial plastics. The company distributes plastics to firms in the aeronautic, auto, shipping, electronics, housing and many other sectors of the manufacturing world.

The plastics the company distributes are sourced from around the country. They are the leader for the specific plastics that are needed in highly specialized industrial use. Industrial Plastic Supply has plastic sheet, plastic rod and plastic tube in stock ready for distribution.

Industrial Plastic Supply inventory of performance plastics includes ABS, Acetal-Delrin, Acrylic for LEDs, Conductive-ESD Products, Delrin-Acetal, HDPE-LDPE, High Impact Styrene, Kynar/PVDF, Laminates-Phenolics, LDPE-HDPE, Noryl PPO, Noryl PPO, Nylon-Polyamide, PEEK, Polysteter (PET), Polyester (PET), PETG/Vivak, Playground-UV HDPE, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, PVC-Type I /Grey, PVDF/Kynar, Polysulfone, Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), Radel 5500, Sunboard – Marine UV HDPE, UHMW Sheet, and UHMW Rod and Ultem/ PEI. (from 1.25″- 6″ or more in most materials). Their plastic rods and plastic profiles are also available in over 80 different plastic materials in a huge range of diameters (from .125 to 8.0″ or more in most materials).

The company is a Veteran Owned Small Business. This is a Federal Government designation for a ‘disadvantaged business.’ Industrial Plastic Supply is approved by the Federal Government to qualify under this category.

When a government contractor wins a Federal contract they must allot part of the funds it obtains to these types of businesses. For this reason, it is advantageous for all government contractors needing industrial plastics to call Industrial Plastic Supply for their performance plastic needs.

Industrial Plastic Supply Inc. meet ISO 9001:2015 Standards. ISO is defined as the international standard that has specific requirements for a quality management system. This ISO Category empirically states that the company that bears this designation is cost-efficient, increasing credibility and competitiveness, lowering costs and achieves shorter cycle times through the effective use of resources, dedicated to enhanced customer satisfaction and improved customer loyalty leading to repeat business.

In addition to meeting all of the above certifications, qualifications, and standards the company is also DEKRA certified and a member of the environmentally sensitive organization Responsible Care.

As their 45th year begins Industrial Plastic Supply of Anaheim will be launching a dedicated effort to market the company to more government contractors. They plan to attend all the pertinent conventions and use their professional in-house staff to reach out to their existing customer base for repeat business and possible referrals.

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