Anaheim CA Pension Planning For Attorneys – 401k Retirement Services Launched

Anaheim-based SK Capital has launched a pension planning service for attorneys and law firms, offering them a means to cut costs annually in 401(k) administration fees.

SK Capital Wealth Management (SK Capital), a financial advisory firm based in Anaheim, has introduced a pension planning service for California attorneys and law firms. It is designed to assist clients in matters pertaining to their 401(k) plans to help them achieve their income goals in time for retirement.

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The newly announced offering can help attorneys cut costs on their annual fiduciary fees. SK Capital’s service focuses on legal professionals because they are being charged the most when it comes to managing their 401(k) plans.

These costs stem from multiple third-party consultants, all of whom charge an amount for their service. According to the firm, a huge portion of these fees is deducted from the client’s investment, which can inhibit its growth.

The firm provides clients with complimentary reports about the performance of their investments and other areas of improvement. It also promptly consults with clients to mitigate risks that may arise due to various external factors.

Furthermore, SK Capital has a fee-only structure, which means that it does not accept commissions from financial firms promoting their investment products. This structure is preferable because it assures a client that their interest is being prioritized, and not that of another party.

In general, many Americans are unaware of how 401(k) plans work and how much is being charged from their assets, according to an earlier report by CNBC. It found that, on average, one is paying about $467 annually in fees, which can add up over the years and “eat away” at one’s benefits.

This reality is what motivated SK Capital’s Sammy Khalil, an independent advisor who specializes in the legal industry, to offer this specialized service.

“Sammy Khalil is ready to offer expertise and a clear pathway to help you get to your investment goals. As a Fiduciary, Sammy has a legal responsibility to provide what is in the best interest of his clients,” the company stated on its website.

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