An Unevenly Weighted Exercise Tool Has Gone Against Exercise Routine Convention

Arrowciser has defied convention in several markets with the release of arrowciser. The arrowciser is unique and is a one of a kind designed exercise tool for aspects of personal aliveness routines. Further information can be found at

Design. According to the company founder, Arrowciser starts with accepting everyone as a leader and/or the potential of leadership and leading. Leader, Leadership, and Leading are not necessarily synonymous, however, it does provide a distinction between the three different concepts of the idea of lead. The company shared this observation about everyone being a leader because of five main reason including the gift of imagination, having an executive center (large frontal lope), a built-in success mechanism (ancient mind) , being alive and here now, and arriving on creators earth against a one in two trillion odds. No matter what arrives at the desk of a leader, they handle it with courage, respect, humility, honesty, truth, wisdom, and love. These feelings are ingrained in the power energy centres of the body. They’ve stopped using force and now turned to power (and not what is commonly understood). They’ve stopped using fear and now turned to fidelity.

Arrowciser today reflected on its release of the exercise tool called arrowciser 12 years ago. Recall as well of the inventor being embarrassed to share the invention in fear of being embarrassed, made fun of, and discounted outright by the exercise and wellness They said it’s not just about exercise. Exercise is the foundation for the other disciplines (ie.: meditation) to be used. The main aim was always to guide leader’s to more strength, stretch, and synapses by using an asymmetrical exercise tool … and by defying convention, this innovative, one of a kind exercise tool did so, with a difference.

Guy Dumas, Founder/CEO at Arrowciser, says: “We wanted to try something totally new with the arrowciser. The tool is very unique as an exercise instrument. Anyone familiar with the wellness and fitness market will probably have noticed how everyone else always seemed to keep or make their exercise tools symmetrical and focus on releasing more cortisol, adrenaline, and epinephrine. Go to any gym and you’ll witness a lot of aggression, grunts, and outright brute force spewing all over the place. I’ve been there. As the saying goes, you can cut it with a knife. That’s how thick the air or environment feels inside any gym using old methods of exercising. If society wants aggression and violence to stop then we have to produce different chemicals in the body while expanding and contracting muscle groups throughout the body. We felt this was a problem because the body is asymmetrical and needs more serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphin too. Those other chemicals are not to be discarded. Chemicals determine mood, mindset, and mastery.”

So as a welcome breath of fresh air, Arrowciser instead encourages the exercise ally to focus on the “bodymind” relationship and generating more of the feel better chemicals all over the muscles, bones, and blood. Arrowciser chose to make this move because exercise (expansion) is the first law of the universe. Honouring the field by doing regular exercise leads to other life enhancing behaviours.

Guy Dumas also said “We want to give our ally (customer) more energy, aliveness, vitality and being able to take care of anything that comes into their life. With the arrowciser, they have a fresh new possibility. We want them to feel like this an answer to so many other issues dealing with high and consistent stress of leadership when using Arrowciser. Trying something new is always a risk, but it’s a risk we believe is worth taking. We asked the question to ourselves and others about the arrowciser. Here are only a few of the over 30 plus possibilities with the arrowciser. With the arrowciser, I can Protect myself, keep a door open, display as decoration, hold a large tarp down on a windy day, go hunting, bust something, save someone, put it on the wall, change my mood, carry other stuff, and the list goes on. Exercise is one possibility. In that one possibility there are over 50 different exercises. As mentioned, there is nothing in the exercise, fitness, wellness, physical education markets like an arrowciser. The arrowciser stands alone. Now that consciousness has shifted more to the neuroscience end of the equation perhaps the arrowciser has a better soil to work upon for as long as personal aliveness is required.”

Arrowciser has been in business for 12 years, being established in May 2010. Since Day 1 it has always aimed to help leaders recall their personal aliveness. Leaders need to be super alive during these turbulent and exciting moments in our collective history.

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