An Online Health And Wellbeing Business Revenue Generation Strategy

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A newly updated Masterclass by The Abundant Practitioner guides students towards setting up a profitable online health and wellbeing business. The class was created for all practitioners, such as psychologists, therapists and similar professionals.

Dr. Tilean announces her five-step e-learning Masterclass for health and wellbeing professionals. The chartered psychologist guides fellow health service practitioners toward a profitable online business, where they create life-changing transformations for their clients.

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The newly updated Masterclass shares practical steps that students can take immediately to begin their online health and wellbeing business. Dr. Tilean explains that the current pandemic has highlighted the need for more virtual psychological services, especially for stress management, depression and anxiety treatment.

Still, it is not enough to merely set up an online service, says Dr. Tilean. Health and wellbeing practitioners need to create a business that empowers clients to attend each session with full dedication. She says that this reduces the number of no-shows and less engaged clients.

The Masterclass reveals practical and simple methods to control client inquiry so that practitioners do not waste time answering emails or phone calls with people who have not made a decision to move forward to engage in the work that will help them with their challenges. Dr. Tilean says that her course teaches students how to free up their time so that they can focus on what they enjoy doing, which is working with their clients.

Those who cannot attend the Masterclass are invited to listen to Dr. Tilean on her brand new podcast called The Abundant Practitioner. This podcast addresses various issues that health and wellbeing practitioners are facing today, especially if they are planning on transitioning to pivoting their business online in a more profitable way. Further details can be found at

Dr. Tilean explains that even if the health and wellness field is inherently focused on caring for others, it is still a service that needs to be appropriately compensated for. Those practising any form of service should learn how to operate their business effectively.

The online course includes strategies for capitalizing on existing experience to strengthen financial security. An example would be to eliminate the traditional method of charging by the hour and instead repackaging sessions in a new way that is more holistic for the client and produces higher levels of accountability in their journey and therefore better results. This allows practitioners to ask for a higher price.

Dr. Tilean is a behavioural change expert and business mentor who holds a doctorate degree in Psychology. She is chartered with the British Psychological Society and registered with the Health Care Professions Council.

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