An Expert Online Roundtable On Raw Ales And Other Farmhouse Brewing Techniques

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On November 21 brewers from Otterbank, Butchers Tears, and Eik & Tid, along with farmhouse brewing expert Lars Marius Garshol will discuss raw ales and other traditional brewing in a free online panel.

On November 21, 2021 will be hosting an online brewers roundtable about raw ales and other traditional farmhouse brewing techniques.

Traditional Farmhouse Brewing can differ significantly from modern craft brewing, offering a lot to brewers who want to expand their techniques and bring new beer styles to their customers. Raw Ales in particular have high levels of protein which give them a significantly different texture and taste from the beers everyone is familiar with.

This online event will discuss those aspects. It feature a panel of 3 brewers plus the person who wrote the book on the subject of traditional brewing.

– Otterbank Brewing & Blending are located in Donegal, Ireland. They focus on mixed fermentation and blending and are the only regular producer of raw ales in Ireland.

– Butchers Tears are an Amsterdam brewery who specialise in what they describe as “vernacular brewing.” Their output includes traditional style ales, including raw ales and Scandinavian Farmhouse Ales.

– Eik & Tid is a Norwegian brewery that specialises solely in raw ales and traditional brewing techniques.

– Lars Marius Garshol has spent a decade researching the topic of farmhouse brewing and was responsible for bringing traditional Norwegian kviek yeast to the worlds attention. He is the author of “Historical Brewing Techniques, The Lost Art Of Farmhouse Brewing.”

Together this panel will informally discuss the place of farmhouse brewing for modern brewers. The session will include discussion of raw ale, yeasts, and traditional techniques.

The event is part of the ongoing BeoirFest Brewer Roundtables which regularly brings 3 brewers from across Europe together to compare beers and chat about the brewing scene on the continent. The host of the series is Brian O’Connell who says he is excited about the event, “In recent years there has been an explosion of interest in traditional techniques and ingredients, including raw ales. To get such an experienced and knowledgeable panel to just discuss the topic in an informal way is something special, and not to be missed.”

The public are invited to take part and join the conversation.

Registration is free at The event take place online and starts at 16:00 CET on November 21.

Release ID: 89052277