An Example and Answer for Victims of Personal Injury Auto Accidents

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Doctors For Accidents recently published a new How-to Guide on its site, dedicated to helping personal injury victims and law firms practicing personal injury. The guide unveils the most common injuries sustained following an accident, the role of accident doctors, and how they differ from primary care physicians.

On how this guide came about and what Doctors For Accidents hope to accomplish with it, Jean-Paul Anderson, Founder & CEO at Doctors For Accidents told the D4A Personal Injury Show that “[t]his How-To-Guide will help answer some of the questions the general public might have regarding medical care on a lien basis.”

Doctors for Accidents’ guide is not legal advice, but rather provides an insight into the personal injury claims landscape for the general public. The detailed steps and instructions provided, designed for use by victims of car accidents, or following any other personal injury, ensure that prospective claimants are well-placed to secure a payout that gets them the help they need to recover and recognizes the pain and suffering caused to them by the accident.

It is important to seek legal advice from a licensed personal injury attorney as soon as possible after being released from the hospital, or urgent care following an accident, as medical bills can rise quickly and defendant insurance companies are incentivized to pay as little as possible to the victims of accidents.

Medical doctors on liens accept payment once a plaintiff’s case settles. This type of physician receives special training on whiplash, the laws of physics, and unique car accident treatment. A doctor’s lien is needed as the doctor treats the injured person until the personal injury case settles, in order to obtain their money. As a legal contract is established between the parties, when the amount is released, the personal injury attorney initially pays the doctors who filed the lien and leaves what remains for the client.

What primary care physicians want is to be paid upfront, which may leave accident victims significantly out of pocket – assuming they even have the means to pay these costs. Without the ability to pay, victims will need to contact personal injury doctors and lawyers in order to arrange medical treatment and a settlement on their behalf.

Accident Doctors on liens who manage auto accidents are well-prepared and trained to treat personal injury accidents, taking their responsibility to get victims out of pain and back to their pre-accident condition very seriously. Doctors For Accidents has an easy-to-use search function, which allows users to search for accident doctors on liens by zip code, or city. Tailored advice may be sought via the Contact page here.

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