Amsterdam NL Chiropractic Treatments Chronic Pain Relief PEMF Therapy Launched

Amsterdam-based chiropractor Michael Blackman has announced his updated services at his Nekwerk clinic, including pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for people seeking relief from chronic pains.

Nekwerk has recently updated its chiropractic services at its Amsterdam-based clinic under the care of Michael Blackman, who has over forty years of experience in the chiropractic industry.

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The updated services from Michael Blackman at the Nekwerk clinic aim to provide people in and around Amsterdam with a range of chiropractic services that help with issues caused by the nervous system. Additionally, the clinic also offers tissue regenerative PEMF treatments to benefit patients seeking to reduce all types of acute aches and chronic pains.

During their lives, people can develop aches and pains throughout their bodies caused by factors including accidents, sports injuries, and muscle strains, as well as the result of aging. These aches often occur in the neck, arms, and legs or can manifest as headaches that can be debilitating and affect a sufferer’s everyday life. Nekwerk is aiming to help give people a means of relieving these conditions with its updated services in Amsterdam.

The treatments that are available from Nekwerk first aim to address any pain or discomfort a patient has before giving them the benefit of ongoing improvements for their body. These improvements include advanced advice on how a patient can adjust their lifestyle in order to reduce the chance of recurring aches and pains.

Nekwerk’s chiropractic treatments also benefit from the use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy. PEMF therapy is a form of treatment that uses electromagnetic fields in order to recharge the cells within a person’s body. PEMF treatments allow for a non-invasive means of treating chronic pains that adjust the electronic impulses within a person’s body to help them recharge and promote healing.

Treatments conducted at the Nekwerk clinic are done by Michael Blackman, who offers patients the benefit of over forty years working in the chiropractic industry. First-time patients at the clinic in Amsterdam receive a forty-minute consultation to properly diagnose and determine their needs, with repeat sessions lasting twenty minutes. Furthermore, in the current pandemic climate, the clinic provides appropriate distances in its waiting rooms for its patients’ safety.

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