Amsterdam Chiropractor Sports Injury – Chronic Pain Relief Treatment Launched

Amsterdam, Netherlands-based chiropractor Nekwerk-Michael Blackman (+31-6-81144054) has updated its sports injuries and pain relief chiropractic treatments for patients dealing with chronic pain and complaints from sporting activities. The practice offers medication-free, minimally invasive treatment options.

Nekwerk—Michael Blackman, a chiropractic practice based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, has launched an update to its chiropractic treatments for a wide range of sports-related injuries and pain.

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The update is part of the clinic’s continued efforts to provide patients struggling with various musculoskeletal and neuropathic conditions due to sports and other related activities with long-lasting, medication-free pain relief.

Chiropractors typically focus on relieving pain and other muscle, nerve, and joint complaints by stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities. They achieve this using proven chiropractic techniques to eliminate spinal blockages.

Amsterdam chiropractor Nekwerk—Michael Blackman offers remedies for a variety of conditions, including chronic headache, neck pain, frozen shoulder, back pain, sciatica, bulging disc, and scoliosis. The chiropractic center treats the conditions’ underlying cause instead of just the symptoms, resulting in long-term, pain-free living for the patient.

Since no two patients are alike, the back pain experts at Nekwerk provide personalized care and treatment path for each patient.

During the initial consultation, the Amsterdam chiropractor performs a comprehensive physical examination to diagnose the condition and determine the best treatment approach. They use a combination of manual analytical techniques such as postural analysis, the Thompson leg length check, motion palpation, and kinesiology.

Depending on the patient’s condition, the chiropractor may include light therapy, homeopathy remedies, and bio-resonance in the patient’s treatment plan. They may also suggest lifestyle and nutritional changes where necessary to prevent the injuries from recurring.

Nekwerk—Michael Blackman specializes in ultrasonic therapy, muscle stimulation, cold laser therapy, colon hydrotherapy, electrodermal therapy, and infrared and PEMF therapy.

Patients can expect the highest quality of care from the team. The staff members and clinicians go above and beyond to ensure patients’ visits go as smoothly as possible. They also take their time to explain everything the patient needs to know about the procedure.

A satisfied patient said: “I had an exceptional experience with Michael; he is very kind and definitely knows what he is doing. After only one treatment, I felt less pain and tension in my neck and shoulder. I would recommend his practice 100 percent.”

Interested parties can call their friendly representative at +31-6-81144054 to schedule an appointment or visit to learn more.

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