Amplify My Business expands Motivated Seller Lead services for RE Investors

A service that helps real estate investors find and close more deals. Amplify My Business’ lead generation skills help investors save time and money-while dramatically increasing their deal flow.

Amplify My Business has recently expanded a system to help real estate investors. This system connects investors with clients that want to sell their homes fast. It also promises to help investors close two to five investment deals per month while slashing hundreds of hours or time wasted on cold-calling, bandit signs, driving for dollars and other time-wasting activities.

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The expanded system is a proprietary service that Amplify My Business uses to make real estate investing easy. It aims to identify and pre-screen potential clients and connect them with investors that want to buy their homes – in real time.

Previously, investors would have to be cold calling and driving for dollars to connect with clients that want to sell. Also, speaking to a client this way did not guarantee that the deal would be closed. The system designed by Amplify My Business only connects investors with clients who are ready to sell at a discount and are waiting to get an offer.

The system contains a simple CRM software that maximizes workflow. This software helps investors by automating the initial contact with clients as well as providing a 6 month automated follow up sequence. It allows automated appointments to be made so that both parties can meet and talk about the potential sale. With this CRM, Amplify My Business allows investors to spend more time closing deals and less time chasing leads.

The company has hundreds of success stories. One satisfied investor could not find a consistent way to close deals. After utilizing the system, he was able to put two deals under contract in Florida and make a profit of $52,000 in the first two months.

Another investor was also able to close six deals in Tennessee by utilizing the automated CRM system’s follow up tool after three months.

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Amplify My Business has designed this system intending to take the hassle out of real estate investing. The service aims to lead clients to investors rather than have investors chase after them. Additionally, all the leads that the system seeks to provide are exclusive. As such, every investor has unique opportunities that no one else has can have. The company also provides customer service that aims to help investors adapt as the market changes.

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