AMP Collateral Token Merchandise Online Shopify E-Commerce Store Launched

AMP token fan website has announced the launch an educational and e-commerce online store for fans of the digital collateral asset AMP token.

AMP token fan website has announced the launch an educational and e-commerce online store for the digital collateral asset AMP token.

Cryptocurrency investors looking for fun and quirky crypto-themed apparel can visit their Shopify website to purchase shirts, sweaters, flip-flops, hats, pillows, and more.

The website offers quizzes and educational reading material sourced from the official AMP organization and Flexa Network whitepaper. No purchases are necessary to learn about the collateral token.

The AMP Collateral token, powered by the Flexa Network, is a digital cryptocurrency asset token used for digital payments and brick and mortar retailer locations. The token is a ERC20-compatible, fixed-supply, immutable token and designed as a low-volatility collateral with compounding value and reinforced by its utility.

Investors who purchase the token can stake their assets on the Flexa Network. The network uses the liquidity to guarantee merchants digital-based transactions. To reward the investors who stake their tokens, the Flexa Network uses a percentage of the transaction fees to purchase AMP token from the open market and distributes it evenly to users of the network.

The community managed Shopify store accepts crypto payments for their products. Buyers can ue their Coinbase account to purchase apparel using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, and more. This online store is one of the first e-commerce stores in the world to offer crypto as a payment form. As users request their favorite crypo currency payment to be added, the website will work to offer them as an option.

Online shop owner Mike states, “The future of digital payments starts at the consumer level. The more people purchase items using their favorite digital currency, it should increase the overall behavior and awareness of using crypto as a form of payment.”

To learn more about the AMP token and to purchase crypto-themed apparel and merchandise, visit

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