Amish Author Rachel Stoltzfus Releases Lancaster Amish Treasure for Jacob at 99c

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Amish Author Rachel Stoltzfus releases A Lancaster Amish Treasure for Jacob, the newest in her bestselling teen Amish series. This book takes readers on a fun-filled adventure through Amish country as Jacob tries to find a buried treasure on a recently deceased neighbor’s land.

Christian book readers looking for the newest Christian teen book can purchase A Lancaster County Treasure for Jacob by Rachel Stoltzfus for only 99¢ today. This is Book 9 of the bestselling A Lancaster Amish Home for Jacob series, which tells the story of Jacob and his adventures in his Amish foster home.

In A Lancaster Amish Treasure for Jacob, readers reconnect with Jacob and his friends, Ezekiel and Mark, for a romp through Amish country in search of a mysterious treasure. This happens because a respected community leader, Old Man Dietrich, passes on, and Jacob discovers that the old man has hidden a treasure worth thousands on his land. Now it’s up to Jacob, Mark and Ezekiel to solve the mystery and find their fortune without getting caught.

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Amish author, Rachel Stoltzfus strives in her fiction to show how friendship and God’s love can lead to adventure and a sense of family and belonging. Christian readers, especially young men, will find this book both adventurous, humorous, and ultimately inspirational.

Readers have raved about Rachel Stoltzfus’s Lancaster Amish Home for Jacob series.

About the first book of the series, A Lancaster Amish Home for Jacob, Amazon reader, Willa Haynes, says: "The story is an excellent and heartfelt description of a boy who is trying to find his place in the community – either city or country – by surmounting incredible odds… "

About book 2, A Lancaster Amish Prayer for Jacob, reader, Jessica Clark, raves, “"his is the first Amish fiction book I’ve ever read and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it! This book is full of ups and downs and keeps you engaged from chapter one right through to the end of the book. The authors writing style immerses you into the new life that Jacob is trying to find his way in. His experiences become yours through strong, descriptive, emotion-filled writing…."

And about the first collection of books 1-5, reader Kandlwyck remarks, “Refreshing, hope-filled look at life through the eyes of a hurting 13-year-old. Looking forward to the rest of the stories in this series.”

A Lancaster Amish Treasure for Jacob is being offered at a special discount price of $0.99 on Kindle, Nook, iPhone and Tablet.

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