American Idol Winners & Top A-list Celebrity Singers Have This 1 Thing In Common

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American Idol and Celebrity Vocal Coach Nick Cooper shares 3 Expert Secrets that take singers to the next level by transforming their voice. Watch the free exclusive training at

American idol is an “idol” show on Fox television where one becomes famous by singing and performing. This has contestants compete to win a music recording contract, talent management, a spread in a magazine or billboard ad, etc. Amateur singers from all walks of life audition in front of the judges but only find fame if they have what it takes for this format. It’s very popular with the masses because of its fun nature and you get to see people become famous through their talents which are exciting to watch and when one wins, they’ve made it big in the industry. The most recent winner, Chayce Beckham is a perfect example of this and it’s a mystery as to what his secret weapon was. It’s captivating to see how Beckham went from just a regular person from Apple Valley to an American Idol success story and music star.

Millions of viewers around the world must have wondered how American Idol winners and top A-list Celebrities like Beyonce, Zendaya, Nicki Minaj and so many others, become so successful. Discovering the one thing they all had in common can be super valuable to those seeking the same fate.

Understanding what makes them so perfect and unforgettable when millions of people see their performances on stage doesn’t come so easy, but after months of research one thing stood out and that was American Idol and Celebrity Vocal Coach Nick Cooper.

Nick Cooper is a professional vocal coach to singers and artists such as American Idol winners, Ava Max, Kesha, and Usher to name a few, who have mastered the techniques of breathing, tone placement, and overall voice management through his unique lessons. Vocal coaching has become strikingly popular especially with people like Chayce Beckham who win these types of competitions. There are many vocal coaches out there, but there’s something about Mr. Cooper that is special that makes him stand out above others.

It is important to understand the reasons why singers like Usher, Kesha, Ava Max, and Chayce Beckham have turned to vocal coaching with Nick Cooper and how they have benefited from it. Since American Idol started airing years ago, more people are interested in taking vocal coaching. Singers continue to hire coaches even when they are professionals, it’s no different than Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, or Lebron James having a coach. People aren’t born great, they consistently work on perfecting their craft to become great and always need a coach to help them see what they don’t see and to help keep their mind, energy, and focus right.

When singers train with Nick Cooper, they learn how to sing, but Cooper takes it a step above by also focusing on mindset and helping the artist discover their true self and find their unique voice. Most people would never associate that with singing, but singers go to him to learn because they want to transform their voice and captivate any room they walk into. It’s not just about learning tricks and techniques, it’s a more robust and holistic approach which is why people come from all over the world and pay a lot of money to work with Nick Cooper… They learn how to be the best version of themselves both on and off stage.

Singers, who are ready to have the confidence to soar, the vocal freedom to shine, and the license to perform like the greatest Celebrities Nick Cooper has worked with have joined his program – Vocal Shift

For the first time ever Nick Cooper has decided to share the 3 Big Secrets to help singers all around the world get the results their looking for from the comfort of their homes.

Those who want to instantly sound like a pro singer and have a unique voice without sounding like everyone else should check out Nick Cooper’s very special training, “The Secret Art Of Vocal Mastery”.

He’s going to dive super deep into answering the questions every singer wants to know to fast-track their success. Singers will learn if they:

1. Are good enough to make it;

2. How to improve their singing to get discovered;

3. How to turn their passion into a reality;

4. How to sing through cracks and breaks;

5. How to boost their confidence

and so much more.

All singers, including professionals, have all been there. Singers new or professional always searched for answers about the same things and they account for the majority of questions Nick Cooper receives. This is why Nick Cooper is super excited to share this never-before-revealed content with anyone in the world who wants to transform their voice.

In this training, Nick Cooper is going to share the exact path to success.

And the best part is, the training is totally FREE.

Anyone can register at

Based on the ‘buzz’, this program has the potential to radically change the music industry.

Jeffrey Harleston, General Counsel/Executive Vice President of Business & Legal Affairs for Universal Music Group (UMG) said:

“I’ve been a featured guest at the Nick Cooper Bootcamp 4 years, and absolutely love it! Nick has his…Nick Cooper system, and sadly today it’s unique because you don’t see people investing the time and effort in developing the real talent. What nick has the ability to do is: teach the artist as their developing and growing; how to become a professional; how to react to any situation; how to grow and overcome adversity, and how to find their inner voice…all these things are incredible! Outside the matrix of technology, Nick is integral in helping to develop better artists; The best we could ever have…and that’s really important!”

This webinar is a game-changer.

Anyone who is ready to take things to the next level can learn powerful vocal techniques to enhance their voice and sing effortlessly from the number one Vocal Coach in the Music Industry. The reviews are astounding and what this training has done for others is incredible. No one will be disappointed.

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